Who Buys in SW Florida during the “Off-Season” Summer Months?

This is a very often asked question by people who find out that I have been a real estate agent here, for a long time. Most questions surround the topic of a dead market during the summer, and how does a realtor make a living during that period? Others akin it to the harsh winters in other regions of the states, and lack of interest in real estate when there is a blizzard outside? Who wants to buy in our hot Florida weather? However, these assumptions are not true. We actually have  great summer sales months in SW Florida…..read more.

So who is buying in our area during the long dog days of summer and our rainy season: Here you go!

1] The “Made-Its.” This is not a made up term on my part. It actually has been around for almost a decade. A “Made-It’ is between 53 – 61 in age, who has made great money so far during their career, and has their sights set on an early retirement/relocation scenario. Their goal is to look now for a retirement destination & purchase…then use it as rental income till ready for the move down. They will come here with there families during the summer month’s to vacation, and learn more about the area, however, not actually use their purchased home, since its in a rental program. The “Made-Its” in search of that retirement destination home are very strong in the market during these summer month’s.

2] Families with Kids. This is another group that has selected our area as a destination. This group are the planners. As soon as school is out for summer they are here looking to buy. Once they make a purchase, they immediately get back home and start the packing process. There goal: Get their relocation over before the fall term of school begins!

3] Corporate Transfers and Corporate Relocation. As we have grown and moved beyond the 165,000 population mark, which triggers national franchise companies to begin to look at expansion into new markets….we were certainly one of those markets that benefited. We now have Sam”s Club, OutBack, Home Goods, Aldi, Nathan’s Deli, Chili’s, Walmarts galore, phone stores everywhere, and their need for trained employees. We usually see more chain stores announcing plans to come to Cape Coral during the summer month’s as well. We also see more corporate recruiting, bringing middle management recruits into positions here in our area. New national companies does not equate to local hiring’s for middle and upper management positions, most of these are corporate relocation’s into our area.

4] The Asian Migration. Funny, during our regular winter season we see a heavy influence of western European visitors, and the traditional Canadian buyers, however, during the summer month’s we have been seeing a higher influx of Asian buyers here for a look at our market. They come mostly with cash in their pocket, not wanting to get entangled in the lengthy mortgage process for foreign nationals.

So you can see, we are rapidly dissolving the myth that SW Florida has a traditional winter “snowbird” season, a dead market during the summer month’s, and moving to a continual year round active market. As Realtors, we certainly are here in the summer month’s and open for business.

Its all good….come and discover SW Florida like I did, and make it your piece of paradise. Jessie


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