What cities are on-line buyers looking at in the Homes.com site?

In the world of  websites that offer the general public access to search for homes in all parts of the world, there are 3 that capture most of that market………Trulia…Zillow…and Homes.com.

Periodically these 3  report activity levels within their site and publish various and interesting results. If you have the time go to Homes.com and read the entire article…”Top 100 Cities….State of the Housing Market Report.” If you do not have the time go there to read the entire article I want to recap for you…….Its great news for our area.

The most searched  cities in America on the homes.com site are:

1] Orlando  2] Las Vegas  3] Houston  4] Atlanta  5] Tampa  6] San Antonio  7] Charlotte   8] Miami  9] Norfolk  10] Jacksonville  11] Dallas  12] Raleigh

It’s probably understandable that 1/3 of the search’s for home in America are within Florida, since our state has alway been a destination point in the SW portion of the country. Their report is also significant for my area of Florida as well. Cape Coral is 16th with more than 87,800 searches for homes, Fort Myers is ranked 40th on the list with 51,974 search’s and just to our south Naples placed 64th  with 41,210 property search’s. Sarasota to our north came in at 50th place with 47,040 homes search’s.

This is great news since these 4 locations are all along the west coast of our state. There is a great draw for the western shoreline of our state as a magnet. Our white sand beach’s, low crime rates, and affordable housing are major factors in making us a destination site. More great news about our state is always welcome! 

Another interesting and note worthy comment about their rankings, is that of the 100 cities listed, 23 were Florida locations. So not quite 25% of these Top 100 cities were in our state.  This is a super accomplishment. Its good for us to see hard numbers like this, since so much of our economy depends on new construction, a good tourism industry, and retirement destination..

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