What are Cape Coral Rocks?

Is it a group of Cape Coral music bands? Is it a catch phrase for something involving music? Is it just a silly slogan? Is it a movement here in the city? Read More……

Are you old enough to remember what a “Pet Rock? is? How about a “Peace Rock” from 2003-2006 era? Perhaps its time to learn what a Cape Coral Rock is and what its intent is………….

They are quite simply smooth painted stones, with a message imprint, a peace flower, a decoration, a symbol, a way to spread a message of kindness, inspiration, and to promote creativity with unexpected surprises. They are each hand drawn and painted. They are produced with love and care, on their creators part.

Where can they be found? I can only tell you where I have found them. Jaycee park along the downtown riverfront and the Cape Coral Yacht Club. I have not ventured out to other parks in my daily walks, but assume they must be hidden in them as well. They are found in tree nooks, in the grass like an Easter egg, and in plain sight most of the time. Some are hidden in unusual places. Most are placed intentionally where people, or children are apt to find them.

Their intent is to spread a message of kindness, perhaps an inspirational message, and a way to motivate people to get outside and explore our parks and public spaces. To find these gems……and like the famous “Sanibel Stoop”…..you know, that familiar stoop used for looking and finding those rare sea shells on the beach…….bend over and get closer to the ground a bit is the idea.

So my suggestion is to get walking in our parks…find these wonderful message stones and enjoy. Keep the ones you want and re-hide the others. You can also post onĀ  facebook with a photo of yourself as well, along with your comment.

Its a great idea and a way to bring a great message to its finders. What a great idea for Cape Coral!! Visit our parks and see what you can find…..and don’t forget to enjoy, then re-hide for the next visitor to discover!!


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