SW Florida International Airport Sets Records

SW Florida International Airport which calls Cape Coral and Fort Myers its home base of operations has set another record for travel volume. Our airport traffic and number of flyers entering Lee County has always been a leading indicator of market economy for our area for years. Read More……

Airport passenger numbers rose a staggering 27% compared to the same time last year, for the month of October 2018. That is a very impressive number, and a good indicator of how our Lee County is doing with growth and development in the area.

For the year 2018, the number of airline passengers is up 6.3%. The monthly surge indicated above, represents the traditional influx of snowbirds to our area, as the winters gain momentum up north. While the increase for the year to year number seems small, remember that the Punta Gorda airport opened a few years ago, and is stiff competition for travelers visiting our northern county regions. Despite its closeness, we still saw our airport surge in flyers.

The monthly increase of passengers however, does set a 35 year record for the airport.

Travel indicators are important also when tracking our tax dollars. Spending for entertainment and hospitality like hotel bookings are very important indicators of our local economy. Lets keep this going.

Whenever I leave our home and hear and see a plane overhead, it always brings a smile to my face, knowing its a plane full of new guests to our area.

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