Sellers…….Want more Cash out of Your Home Sale?

One of the most frequently asked questions I get as a long time Realtor in our market is…..”What do I need to do to maximize my cash on any sale of my home?” That is a very good question and it begins with a look at the “Curb Appeal” of the home your wanting to sell. Read More……

Yes, there are things to enhance the value of the interior of your home, but that is secondary to the homes “Curb Appeal” presentation. If you cant get the potential buyer into your home, every interior upgrade you have made….might be a waste!

Today’s buyer is use to staring into a computer monitor and at sales brochures of the front of homes. Most like to do “drive-bye” looks at the home to check out the neighborhood’s. If you cant capture a potential buyer with the front view of the home immediately, you may be sunk later, trying to get them inside.

Here are a few tips and a low budget way to enhance your “curb appeal” and get more buyer traffic into your home.

1] LANDSCAPING. This is the number one item in a Realtors tool box that will get a seller more cash at the closing table. More importantly, its the front of the home that needs that “fresh” look. Adding mulch to the front flower beds, power washing the front of the home, and the driveway oil stains, touch up painting on the front door, adding a new doormat, adding multi-colored flowers to the bedding areas, get the bare spots in the lawn sodded, trim the trees, and front bushes.

Here is a tip. Ask a good friend to come over…both of you stand at the front curb or street, and look at your home for a few minutes…what does it need for landscaping? Go from there!

2] LIGHTING. Light it up! Add landscaping lighting along flower beds, around trees, and even think about a post yard light along the front sidewalk. Tip: all of these can be cheap solar powered items.  If you have a light by the front door…be sure it has a brite LED bulb…low level bulbs will not give you the effect you want. If you don’t think a potential buyer will drive-bye your home and the neighborhood once again at or after sunset….your mistaken!!!

Trust me, these are both inexpensive and time tested methods of improving the homes “curb appeal” and insuring a higher selling price for the home. As a long time Realtor, before every listing appointment I drive-bye the subject home, in order to evaluate its “curb appeal” and what needs to be done to get the seller the most traffic thru their home as possible.

It’s simple math….the more showings…equals the more potential buyers…the more offers…the more sales contracts to present, the more money in my sellers pocket.


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