Sell Your Home Now? 5 Reasons Why The Answer Is……..Yes

Here are the top 5 reasons to sell you home now,  if you’re considering a change in lifestyle or relocation to another part of the planet. Usually its all about location in any purchase……and the other is timing. This posting is about timing!


With the shrinking number of foreclosures and short sales entering the market, current inventory levels of available homes to purchase is dramatically low.  A normal supply of available homes is about a 4-5  month’s. Currently we have only a 2-3 month supply. This means for sellers…….rising prices [values] for their homes.  As inventories shrink, there is more competition among buyers for available homes, forcing prices up! Sellers benefit with higher sale prices right now.


 We actually have 2 peak seasons for sales here in Lee county and all of SW Florida. One is our winter snow bird season October – March. It’s an annual migration of northerners seeking refuge from the winter snow and cold. Often they come down as seasonal renters and leave as property owners. The 2nd peak time for sales activity is July and August when locals generally want to buy in another area of the city, and move in before school starts. This ritual is done each year for people new to the area, as well as movement toward other school districts within the county.

3] Bargains.

Although you missed the bottom of the market with cheap prices, which was fall of 2011, there still are some really good deals to pick up. We are inching our way up in values, with monthly stats indicating an increase every month for the last 7 month’s. Some of our home values sunk to 1997 levels in some categories, and even with the small but consistent increases, it will be some time, before we get back to a near-normal market.

4] Quality of Homes.

Realtors and buyers both are liking the average quality of homes, currently on the market. With the foreclosures and short sales only accounting for about 24% of the available inventory, the regular “vanilla” seller has spruced up their homes to try to attract cash buyers, over other buyers needing financing in order to purchase. [Only 59% of mortgage loans currently make it to the closing table.] With cash dominating the market, it’s a less risky scenario for a seller……..and there is cash for even the middle and upper end priced homes.


We are experiencing the next round of people who have discovered our area. The Western Europeans and South Americans are here looking. Asians also have discovered our climate and monetary exchange rate more favorable. Investors see a better and safer return on their dollars, in the housing market that in stock or bonds. Market trends seldom last for years, instead they swing like a pendulum.

Seller’s need to recognize that timing is critical in this market when considering selling your home. With the last 5 years of a sour local market, and perching on the fence waiting  for a better market……..its now arrived..

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