Searchng for property in Ft. Myers…Cape Coral…Lehigh Acres…just made easier!!

How about an easy way for the general public to have access to up to date information directly from our local MLS system?

Here is how it works. Start by contacting a Realtor. Based upon a short over the phone question/answer period, and discussion about your type of search, you both can decide which MLS system program will work best. 

LISTINGBOOK  This is a tool for a buyer that simply wants general information about their areas of interest. Maybe you want to take a look at Lehigh Acres for a home. Perhaps you want to see what is available for condo’s in Ft. Myers. Perhaps you want to invest in land in Cape Coral. It’s just a simple and easy way to perform a generalized search of different areas, and a variety of property types and prices. The great thing about the Listingbook is that you can modify…change…narrow…expand…your search criteria yourself.  The information is almost a live data feed directly from the MLS, so its fresh and current information. There is nothing worse than going to an internet homes search site, finding a property you like, only to call and find it…..sold. The system is updated about every hour in the Listingbook. Its easy and very user-friendly.

As a Realtor, I love the program as well. I set the potential client up in the program and then…….leave them alone! I prefer them to be on their own in their search, it allows me to work with other [ready to buy now] clients, while they go exploring into all properties and destinations looking for their new “dream”  home. These clients also enjoy the ability to search whenever they have time, 24 hours a day. I am available to take their e-mails with specific questions, but I never push myself off on them in any way, as with most Realtors working with this program.

Once you have determined a city you like….once you have identified your favorite area within that city….once you have decided on a property type….once you have narrowed down to a specific price range, it’s now time to call your Realtor back and move into a more specific search.

Now your ready for:

MLS AUTO-PROSPECTING  This type of search is used for finding properties that meet your specific search criteria. With this type of search you will need to contact your Realtor once again. This time you will give them your specific search criteria. The Realtor will then set those search parameters into the live MLS feed, sent directly to your e-mail. Properties that meet your criteria will automatically be sent to your e-mail account. This will go on for about 120 days, and then must be renewed by your Agent, if you want to continue. Once you see something you like and desire more information…..e-mail your Agent for the particulars. The great thing about this system is the automatic live feed of data, it’s as fresh as it gets!

I like this program for my buyers that know what they want in a property, price range desired, and in their target neighborhood. When I get a call, it’s either for more information, or they want to place an offer on the property. It’s a great tool for both buyer and Agent. In some hot selling price range markets, it’s the best way to identify and get your offer in quickly, where there are often multiple offer situations on a single property. In fast paced markets, the quickest is usually the winner every time.

If you want more info on either search system, just contact me with your questions..

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