Nor-Tech Hi-Performance Boats to Headquarter in Cape Coral.

In the world of racing boats, “go Fast” boats as we call them, the name Nor-Tech is right up there with signature companies like “Fountain” and “Cigarette” boat companies. Nor-Tech’s next venture is headed for Cape Coral. Read More…..

Nor-Tech just announced that its world headquarters will be coming to Cape Coral. Most local boating enthusiasts are very familiar with their name and their boats that are trailered up and down Del Prado Blvd on their way to the Yacht Club for launching and test running.

The company has been operating here locally in the north industrial park for several years, and has just announced they will be building a huge 45,000 sq. ft. facility, within that park. The cost will be around $3 million. The company plans on employing 150 new employees, some paying $45,000- $50,000 per year.

Nor-Tech’s new project will be to build exclusively boats that are different from the regular production models, being offered to the public. More particularly, they want to offer enhanced comfort additions for their owners, as well as custom power upgrades as per a clients spec’s. In addition they can take a completed “stock” type boat, and perform enhancement upgrades to these as well. They really want to be customer oriented, and known for delivering custom upgrades that fit their individual clients needs and wants.

It’s a win for the city creating more jobs, with higher wages, as well as a win for Nor-Tech, having close access to the Gulf of Mexico for both testing, as well as marketing their boats and customization additions.

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