Navigating Cape Coral Roadways…..Better know your ABC’s & a P.

If your new to the area and don’t know your way around? If you have been here a while, and still don’t understand the street layouts? If you live here and can get around a bit….but find your connecting street on the other side of a canal… had better learn your alphabet better! Read More……..

A long time ago when I entered real estate, I was taught a valuable bit of street navigation by an older and much more seasoned Cape Coral realtor than me. David said….”If you need to get around the Cape….learn your ABC’ & sometimes a P formula. What the heck was he talking about? Here you go….

If the last name on a street ends in an A,B or C….it always runs north & south thru out the city. Examples would be “Avenues”…”Boulevards”…”Courts”. The sometimes P would be “Place”.

If the streets end with any other name…like “Terrace” and “Street,”¬†they always run east & west. The sometimes P in this case would be “Parkway”, it runs east & west.

So if your trying to get around the city…just try and remember your ABC’s…and sometimes a P.

Don’t you feel better about driving the Cape now? Have you figured out the north, east, south & west boundary’s yet? Keep reading……

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