I want to sell my home…….How do I pick a Company and Agent?

On the surface this question seems to be next to impossible to answer. It seems there is a real estate office on every corner in our area. However if you break it down to the basic’s, you only need to come up with 2 criteria to answer that question. That’s right, you only need 2 criteria!

1] Pick a large company with an international presence.

Gone are the Ma & Pa gas stations. Gone are the Ma & Pa grocery stores. Gone are the small five & dime stores. So to is the small storefront real estate offices. Now its all about Branding. Century 21, Coldwell Banker, and my Re/Max are all examples of Brands that not only market internationally…….but also operate franchise offices in many foreign countries. The networking capability and opportunities with these offices overseas is endless. The world shrunk when the internet came on the scene, and represents a huge avenue for marketing property. Here is the bottom line……..as a seller you want the most exposure you can get in selling your home!  Its all about Branding these days.

2. Pick a Realtor you feel comfortable with to get the job done.

In most peoples lives their home is the single most valuable asset they will ever own. Its critical that this asset is sold for the highest amount of money possible, for current market conditions, and in the shortest possible time. Its best to try and interview more than one Realtor, to do the job. It is perfectly acceptable if you don’t know anyone to call……call a real estate office and ask for the Broker. Give them your situation and time frame, and let them match you with an agent that will “fit” the best. If your computer savvy, check out several agent websites with the major brands that seem to handle homes in your general price range. If you like what you see, its probably going to be a good fit for you. Give them a call.

Things to look for in a great Realtor:

***Years active in your local market?

***Number of homes sold last year?

***How many websites do they use to market their homes?

***How long of a wait time for returned calls?

***Personal demeanor and organization skills?

***Negotiating skill level and ability to get you the best contract possible?

Here are some Dont’s:

If it takes 2 hours during the first visit with an agent, before they get around to their opinion of value for your home…………..forget it!

If your given a price opinion by them, without first performing a tour/inspection of your home……………forget it!

If they dont have a marketing plan…………forget it!

If they dont offer a net cost/proceeds worksheet with every offer………..forget it!

If it just does not feel right to you about the relationship………….forget it!

If your not offered a risk free listing agreement, that allows you to cancel at any time without cost or fees to you…………..forget it!

I hope this helps and makes the selection of a firm and agent a much easier process for you..

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