CAPE CORAL……….The News Just keeps getting better!!

[Excerpts from the “Cape Update” publication from September 2012]

Here are the recent comments about Cape Coral:

1] National Association of Builders: At the beginning of 2012, they rated Cape Coral with the title of “Most Improved Florida Housing Market.”

2] Forbes Magazine: Just a few month’s ago ranked Cape Coral in the “Top 200 Best Places for friendly Business climate.”

3] Money Magazine: At the end of 2011, this organization ranked Cape Coral as one of the “25 Best Places to Retire.”  They placed the Cape ahead of great cities like Ft. Lauderdale and south Miami.

4] New Geography: Just released by this publication, Cape Coral earned the honor of  “Best Mid-Sized Florida City for expected new Job Growth.”

It’s all great news for our local economy and also for the greater Fort Myers areas as well. People moving to south florida are doing so for the climate, natural beauty, water access, and safety that our areas offer. You generally see people move away from high tax states into lower tax states like the 600,000 New Yorker’s that have moved to Florida over the last decade. The Sunshine state also offers no income or personal property taxes. Florida now offers a new draw for these transplants……affordable home prices!

After 6 long years of bad news about our area its great to see national articles with favorable comments!.

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