Cape Coral is 2nd Safest City in Florida

As a long time Realtor, I read a lot about a variety of subjects concerning my city. Some seem a bit of a stretch from the exact truth, however most seem pretty accurate. A new report shows Cape Coral as the 2nd safest city on Florida. Based on “who” puts those statistics together, means a lot to me. Read more….

About every year at this time the FDLE [Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement] puts out crime data for the entire state on a city by city basis. The crime index is measured by crime rate per 100,000 population.

The city with the lowest crime rate per 100,000 population is Port St. Lucy.

Cape Coral with its 170,000 population ranked number 2. We did experience an increase in violent crime. Violent crime in the Cape totaled 224 versus 2015 where there were 200 reported. Non-violent crime decreased, reporting 3136 incidents in 2015, to 3081 in this reporting year of 2016/2017.

Violent crimes include: murder, sex offenses, aggravated assault, robbery, larceny.

Overall, crime is down 6.7% in Cape Coral from the previous recorded year.welcome sign

From my perspective, we really have no areas within the city that are a pockets of heavy crime. As the city continues its aggressive annexation of other areas of Lee County, that opinion might change. For now, Its obvious that our law enforcement men and women do an outstanding job!! They deserve both our respect as well as our congratulations.

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