“Barnacles”……….A Great Island Restaurant

Please don’t tell a bunch of people about this restaurant. Please do not spread the word. It should be only for us local’s, but its looking to change! Ok, the secrets out…….Barnacle Phil’s [The old name] waterfront restaurant is open for business and only accessible by boat or plane. Read More……..

I believe they have dropped the last name and just call it “Barnacles” now. The first time I was there in the 1990’a, the docks were run down….the water access was skinny…and the restaurant was inside seating and was a bit hot. But that has all changed!

Situated on Upper Captiva Island and only accessible by boat or small plane capable of landing on a grass runway…….is an island delight for everyone to enjoy.


The restaurant is worth the stop over from a morning fishing trip, or make it a day trip all by itself. They have added outdoor seating under a huge tiki hut, improved the indoor seating and cooling, and have added dockage for anywhere from 20 ft. to 40 ft. boats. Best of all, the staff has been beefed up to acomodate the water taxi boat tourist from South Seas Plantation and the “Lady Chadwick”, along with another tour boat from Pineland Marina, on Pine Island.

The food is fresh catch, and made to order. The fish taco’s with home made salsa is a favorite. Bottle water is served, along with beer & wine. The new tiki hut has fans running underneath for great air circulation. I had the conch fritters with home made dipping sauce, and trust me it was not shared with my other table guests…..I loved it!. Don’t ask about the food pricing, just order and enjoy!

Where is it? Follow the Intercoastal waterway north of Sanibel Island. Turn west when you arrive at the North Captiva Pass markers. [Upper Captiva to us local’s.] Just before entering the pass, take the channel markers to the “south” along the bayside of the island and round the 1940’s stilt home and enter “Safety Harbor.”

Caution: Round the Stilt home from the east side or deeper water side….do not cut between it and the shoreline….unless you can push off the sand bar.


Once into Safety Harbor, simply follow the markers into the NE corner of the bay. The dockmaster will assign you a dock space based on size of your vessel on weekends due to the crowds. Just stop short of docking and be patient, he will get you docked….a tip helps as well….he will help when you depart quickly, if this is done.

You can google its location easily. Oh, I almost forgot. Once you turn south from the bayside of Upper Captiva Pass and look toward the island itself, you will see the long grass runway used by the local’s and guests of resorts also on the island. Many ultra-lite experimental airplanes use this strip for practice take off and landings, just for fun. I have seen them fly the Intercoastal waterway for years here in my paradise of islands and fun.

So…..I guess the word is out, and everyone can enjoy this boating destination of everyone….sorry other local friends, its time the secret got out!!

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