2018 Projects for Downtown Cape Coral Come to Life

For years, the downtown corridor of the city has been stagnant with growth, vacant office spaces, restaurants going out of business, old buildings sitting unoccupied, and with no future development on the horizon. Then it started back in 2013…life began to come back to downtown once again. Read more…

Over the last several years the downtown corridor has emerged as the new “Entertainment District.” Several new restaurants and bars have opened or, changed their business model to make the downtown corridor alive with entertainment. OK, just where is this district?

Roughly it is the stretch of SE 47th Terrace from Coronado Parkway to east all the way to Vincennes Blvd. The Cape Coral Bike Night started it all back in 2014. Motorcycles lined the curbs along the sidewalks within the corridor to hear live music from 3-5 bands that played once a month on weekends. It was and still is a huge success! We can hear the roar of the bikes engines, from our condo around 5 pm when it starts.

That is all about to expand for SE 47th Terrace as new plans will begin to become reality, to further make the downtown a destination for entertainment. First, Widen the sidewalks with paver brick for more pedestrian traffic. Second, beautify the area with new trees and potted plants and streetscape landscaping. Third, improve water/sewer lines to the 60 year old infrastructure. Fourth, add a round-a-bout at Vincennes for smoother driving operations thru the corridor.

So what’s next…..well the 65 year old “Bimini Basin” will get a make-over. Just west of Coronado on Cape Coral Parkway sits the “Bimini Basin.” It has been a boaters “Dream” layover anchorage for over 50 years, with boats of all sizes using the basin for over night, on their trips both north and south along the intercoastal waterway. It has been a perfect location for these boaters, with bus service to re-provision at grocery stores, hardware, retail and restaurants all nearby the basin. Finally, the basin will play an active part in our waterfront wonderland!

With the city owned “Four Freedoms” park next door, the basin is poised to become another entertainment mecca for the downtown. The plans call for a huge gazebo built in the center of the basin with shops, eatery’s along the boardwalk leading to it. The intent is to make the basin a destination for both boaters as well as pedestrians alike.

Another private project within the basin corridor are high rise condo’s and apartments. These would overlook the basin and offer spectacular water views to its residences. This of course would be private money doing the development, with city guidelines for type of structures and its architecture. In years past the developments of Tarpon Pointe and Gulf Harbour have done well with their high rise projects…this also should be a good project for the downtown area.

All of the development makes great sense to me. Hal and I have lived nearby the downtown corridor for over 3 years, and welcome the improvements coming to the downtown area. As the cith continues to grow…these type of resident oriented entertainment is a must. It’s all good for Cape Coral…lets get behind it!!

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