2018……A Look at the Internet Statistics.

We all use it for our daily activities. We all depend on it for information and access to goods & services. It has meant an end to telephone books, address books, dictionary’s, index cards, file folders, etc. We take it for granted, and just assume its always with us. So just how much of an impact is it making in our daily lives…..read more.

A quick look at the numbers will tell the whole story:

1.8 billion websites are now posted on the internet.

Men use the internet more than women for shopping and spending.

Americans spend more than $700 annually doing online shopping.

More money gets spent on internet ads, than on TV ads.

3.75 billion internet users are here in the U.S.

2 billion Facebook users are here in the U.S.

More laptops and mobile devices exist in the U.S. than desktop computers.

51.9% of ALLĀ internet traffic is non-human. Robot generated ads and commercials dominate the waves.


Every minute during the day, there are:

160 million emails sent. Most are spam!

16 million text messages are sent.

450,000 tweets distributed.

900,000 Facebook log-ins made.

$750,000 in daily purchases are made. Just under 1/2 of those purchases are made thru Amazon & Amazon Prime.

2 dozen people have just had their identity stolen. It could happen to just about anyone you meet on the street these days.


I researched YouTube, and BuzzFeed to get these statistic’s. There certainly are more statistic’s posted to these sites, however, I thought most of these I selected, hit home pretty hard. Google has replaced the encyclopedia and dictionary altogether……and forever. Amazon has changed our thinking about retail purchasing…forever! Camera’s are being replaced by our mobile devices faster than the speed of a lens shutter…..sorry Kodak!

Our attention span is now about 8 seconds long. Every 60 seconds something is being google searched…..and by 3 million people. 1000 retail stores have closed there doors so far in 2018.

Is your head spinning yet…mine certainly is. And where do we go from here? Hold on, it’s going to be a wild ride on that super highway! Where will we be in another 10 years? Be creative in your thinking, and it will be reality in just a few years!!!




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