26 08, 2016

I Lost my Home in the Recession……When can I Buy Again?

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I frequently get asked…….I had to short sale my home, or, I went into bankruptcy during the recession…..How long before I can borrow again? You might be surprised at the answer. With today’s tighter credit requirements, you might think it impossible to re-enter the housing market as a buyer again. Think again! Read more….. […]

23 08, 2016

Boat Buying……..Where do you start?

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As a long time boater, I have been lucky that every boat I’ve owned was fun and enjoyable. It may have been by accident that that my 4 purchases over the years were happy events…..however the wrong purchase could have been a financial nightmare for me, and a bad adventure for my family. For someĀ boaters both the happiest day is the purchase, and then the day they sell it! Want to avoid this…..read more. […]

9 08, 2016

Cape Coral Crime…….2016-Mid Year Numbers are In

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Every 6 month’s in the city, the Cape Coral Police have the statistic’s for crime in the city analyzed by the FDLE. [Florida Dept of Law Enforcement] and the numbers were jut published. Which way are the numbers trending….read more. […]