10 12, 2015

Cape Coral Hits another List of Top Cities!

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Cape Coral has landed on another list of top cities in the U.S. This time with the 24/7 Wall Street report ranking the “Top 50 Cities to live in.” Want to know where our great city ranked? Read More…. […]

10 12, 2015

Baby Boomers are Clogging the Housing Market

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I read a lot in my profession about real estate trends, market conditions, and both on a national level as well as at my local level. I ran across this article posted by the “Florida Realtors” publication and it stopped me in my tracks!! It offered a very different scenario on baby boomers and home sales. Read more…… […]

4 12, 2015

New Business in Cape Coral and What’s Coming Next?

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Every time you turn a corner in Cape Coral new construction can be seen. There just seems to be a lot of both commercial and residential projects either out of the ground or on the drawing boards. Want to see what’s new here, and what’s coming….read more. […]