28 10, 2015

Modular Homes……Good or Bad for Cape Coral Home Values??

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There is a big "Brouhaha" developing in the Cape over a new home going up on Kismet parkway in the north part of the city. The home in question happens to be a modular design and construction. Is this to be the first of many to find their way into the Cape's Landscaping? What will be the impact on neighborhood home values if more modular homes are on the way? Read More....... We all know what a mobile home is....we all know what a manufactured home is....but just what is a modular home? The modular homes arriving to our area are manufactured by Skyline Industries in Ocala Florida. [A very long established company in central Florida.] The one in the photo, was constructed into 2 sections and placed on 2 semi's for delivery, then assembled and attached on a concrete block stem wall foundation. The one I toured is about 1000 sq. ft. of living area with 3 full bedrooms, 2 full bath's and a great room main living area. You cannot tell once inside that it came to town in 2 sections. This home had granite counters, cherry wood cabinets, upgrade tile and carpet flooring, tray ceilings and central a/c system. The only thing missing was the optional detached 2 car garage with breezeway into the home. It was cute and had the bells & whistles conventional construction offers. There is [...]

16 10, 2015

Our “One-of-a-kind” Island in SW Florida!!

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We are blessed here in SW Florida with 5 white beached islands that we call our playgrounds here in SW Florida. Most call our islands paradise….we just call them home. 1 of the 5 offers a very unique and rare trip back into time, centuries ago look at its unspoiled beach! Any ideas on the name of the island….read more. […]

13 10, 2015

Cape Coral get’s it’s 1st RV Park in the Cities History!!

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The city of Cape Coral was officially incorporated as a city in 1972. However, housing started here in the late 1960’s when the Rosen brothers completed over 450 miles of canal dredging. Down thru the years there have been several “Firsts” in the cities history, and its about to get another…….read more! […]

1 10, 2015

Home Mortgages…….The Rules Change for Buyers & Lenders

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As of October 3rd, 2015 there are addendums being added to the original Dodd Frank Act. The new TRID addendum has been designed to help consumer’s even more in the home mortgage process to purchase a home. There are 2 really important items within the new addendum that buyers will want to be aware of when starting the mortgage process. Read More……. […]