24 09, 2014

Cape Coral’s Bimini Basin Development……..After 25 Years of Debate…It Might just Happen!

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It’s being called the first time all major Cape Coral business sector organizations have united behind one project. It is also a project that as a Realtor I have watched for almost 30 years. I personally live on the 200 ft. wide Rubicon gulf access canal, just a 1/4 mile north of this site, which is blocked by a major roadway. To build a bridge over that roadway will take 17 minutes off my boating trip to the Intercoastal waterway. Read more…….. […]

23 09, 2014

SW Florida……..Look who’s Moving Here Now!

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When you stop and think about foreign buyers who are moving here, you typically say Germans…Asian’s…Mexican’s…or South American’s. But if you had said that…you need to think again. There is another country that is taking over the lead in the migration to Florida…and particularly to SW Florida. Read More…….. […]

15 09, 2014

Baby Boomers………..Still headed to Florida!!

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As the baby boomers retire, a significant number follow the same path their parents did – they move to Florida. And historic retirement sites in Southwest Florida continue to draw a significant number of older adults. Where are they heading in the sunshine state……….read more. […]

4 09, 2014

Hooked on Boating & Fishing…But Don’t Live on the Water in Cape Coral

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So, you have moved to SW Florida to our year round boating and fishing climate….but don’t live on one of the “The Cape’s” 450 miles of navigable canals and lakes. So how do you get on the water? One option is to keep your boat at a dry storage facility that will fork lift your vessel into the water. Another option is to rent a wet slip at one of our many local Marina’s. If the cost for storage and the need for expensive bottom paint, for leaving in the water, are both negatives for you………….then read more. […]

2 09, 2014

Thinking About a Purchase using an FHA Home Loan…..This is a Must Read!

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STOP…….WAIT JUST A MOMENT!! Before starting a search for your “Dream” home purchase, using an FHA insured mortgage, you might want to wait. That’s right, I said wait just a bit. Why? New guidelines are rolling out in January  2015 that make purchasing using an FHA loan better. Read more………………. […]

2 09, 2014

Cape Coral is Great for Business…Look Who’s Here and Those Coming!

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Cape Coral is the 2nd largest city in Florida. It spans over 120 square miles and is attractive to both locally owned as well as national chain stores. In 2012 the population of full time residents reached 160,000. When the pre-platted city reach’s build-out there will be 400,000 residents. Historically 50% of its population commutes out of the city for work……….but that is changing. Along with that change is growth in commercial and retail businesses in the city. Read more……………. […]