28 08, 2014

Where the Fun Never Stops…….Cape Coral Fl.

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My husband Hal moved here in the early 1980’s with a then 3 year old daughter. During her growing up years of grade school and high school the number 1 complaint the kids had in that era was………..there is nothing to do in Cape Coral. The only hang out in the city for the kids, was the Coralwood Mall and its movie theatre. Most found there way to Fort Myers for entertainment. But that has changed over the years with a great parks system full of activities for both toddlers to senior citizens. Here are some of the best……….. […]

18 08, 2014

Home Porch’s are More Popular than ever……….

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I saw this quick write up from the Florida Realtor magazine and thought it was great article to post onto my blog. One of our lower end builders “First Homes of SW Florida” knew the importance of having a porch……they added a large front one to a new model, and it instantly became their largest seller………..want to know why……..read more. […]

18 08, 2014

Cape Coral & Fort Myers Economic News—Summer 2014

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FGCU….Florida Gulf Coast University, and their Regional Economic Research Division has just come out with their summer economic indicators for our SW Florida area and the news is positive……”SW Florida will continue to experience a slow to moderate recovery.” Growth is the key to our continued recovery, and new construction pays a pivotal role in our market. Here is the summary of the data furnished…….read more. […]

11 08, 2014

Military Veterans to get Housing Voucher

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I ran across a really good program offered by HUD [Housing & Urban Development] the other day and thought it would be great to post as its written. It involves getting homeless service veterans into permanent housing. With so many young servicemen returning from fighting in Iraq and Afganistan, housing is a big problem……….read more.  […]

7 08, 2014

SW Florida Real Estate Trends—-Price Growth and Affordability

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FAR….Florida Association of Realtors has just released its mid year numbers for 2014, and there are a few significant trends emerging. Some of the trends were predictable, others were not………..read more. […]

7 08, 2014

SW Florida Real Estate—Investment Blues

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Rising prices…reduced inventory…fewer  discounted distressed properties…less investors in our market…all have slowed our  housing market. Lets review the numbers just released by the National Association of Realtors……………read more. […]

1 08, 2014

Cape Coral Florida…….Get Hooked on Boating & Fishing

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If you happen to love boating. If you happen to love fishing. Then your in the right place for both………Cape Coral Florida! In “The Cape” you can enjoy almost 450 miles of saltwater & freshwater canals….numerous lakes….our Intercoastal Waterway….and the Gulf of Mexico on our south door step….its all right here. Cape Coral is home to all kinds of boaters and all kinds of fisherman, in both freshwater and saltwater environments. Read more………….. […]

1 08, 2014

Should you rent your old home or sell it?

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I saw this article posted on the Florida Realtors site and thought it made some pretty good points. I have copied portions of the report and its tips for your review. My only rule when asked this question is that if your going this route with your old home, then you need to follow 2 simple rules. 1] Be local so you can manage the property and perform “spot” checks. 2] If your not going to be local, hire a property management company to handle the property. […]