30 12, 2013

Cape Coral High Schools receive “A” Grade for excellence!!

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Do you have kids getting ready for high school? Are you looking at relocation destinations in Florida? Is school quality important in your move decision? See how the state of Florida ranked Cape Coral schools………….this is an important read!! […]

30 12, 2013

Who is Moving to SW Florida in 2014?

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For decades, Midwesterners fueled Southwest Florida’s long running boom of population growth. The numbers here from Michigan…Illinois…Indiana…Ohio…Wisconsin… as their former addresses was staggering. But in 2013, the more affluent Northeast has supplanted them as the main source of new residents in Lee county. Now……….“New York” is even spoken here. […]

30 12, 2013

Self Employed……..Can I still get a Mortgage?

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I saw this report among the many I read weekly and thought it addressed an important topic. Here in SW Florida, we have a tremendous number of folks that are self employed in the service industries, such as pool service…lawn care…home health care…etc. Home buying can be challenging for these buyers, and especially for those who count on cash tips as part of their income like a barber…bar tender…waitress…etc. I decided to copy this and post it as it reads for your review……… […]

17 12, 2013

Fun Boating Destinations—Franklin Lock

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W.P. Franklin Lock & Dam The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers welcomes you to W. P. Franklin Lock and Dam, located along the Caloosahatchee River, approximately 33 miles upstream of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway. The Corps constructed and currently manages five locks along the 152-mile Okeechobee Waterway. W.P. Franklin Lock and Dam were constructed in 1965 for flood control, water control, prevention of salt-water intrusion, and navigation. […]

12 12, 2013

2014—More Real Estate Predictions

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Trulia.com emerged on the real estate scene just a few years ago, and has made it easy for potential buyers to look at live inventory of homes and land. Their site is both user friendly as well. I ran across their predictions for 2014 and found they followed my own line of thinking, so thought I would post it. I have not copied the entire article……just the summary notes for your review. […]

11 12, 2013

Red Fish Pass……..Doorway to the Gulf of Mexico

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On the Atlantic side of Florida the waterway entrances to the Intercoastal water way are called….”Inlets”. On the west coast of Florida they are all called….”Passes”. One of our most popular passes here in the Cape Coral and Fort Myers boating area is called “Red Fish Pass.” […]

11 12, 2013

Florida’s Gulf Fishing…….Endless Possibilities!!

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Saltwater Fishing…….Florida Style! Saltwater fishing is as much about the adventure as it is about the fish. Many of the sport fish species can be big and mean, and the water can be big and bad. From shallow saltwater flats to deep-ocean or Gulf fishing, saltwater anglers chase everything from dainty speckled trout to massive blue marlin in some of the most intense and inspirational surroundings on earth. […]

9 12, 2013

Cape Coral Ranked #5…….As best Mid-Sized City in America

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Wow……….some really good news about my city was posted this week. We actually made a pretty impressive list of best places to live for cities with populations between 128,000 – 200,000. This ranking really makes a difference and I will tell you why……….just read on……… […]

6 12, 2013

Cape Coral—-Fun Things to Do!

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I wish most of this had been around when my kids were growing up! Back in the day, teens had only 2 choices for their entertainment…….go to the Coralwood mall and hang out at the movie theatre…or…go over to Fort Myers. Now that has all changed for our youth! Here is a list of the more popular……….. […]

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