25 11, 2013

Buy or Stay Renting—-Not an easy Decision!

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As the U.S. housing market recovers, many of the people who lost their homes to foreclosure and short sales may be the next round of new buyers. For some people who went thru either of these 2 processes more than 4 years ago may find themselves now able to get financing to buy a home. […]

25 11, 2013

What Buyers need to do in a Sellers Market!

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For almost a year now our local market has been completely a sellers market. Our general market consists of Fort Myers…Cape Coral…North Fort Myers…Bonita Springs…Lehigh Acres. Earlier in the year bidding wars were dominating the market with multiple offers on the same property. Many homes went under contract within a week of being listed. Buyers needing a mortgage to purchase were being pushed aside by sellers who were looking at cash offers……….even when the mortgage contingency offers showed a higher offered sales price. Buyers became frustrated at finding their “Dream” home and not being able to purchase. If your a financing buyer in this market, there are a few things you CAN do, that other similar buyers are trying. In a recently published  survey of buyers needing a mortgage to purchase their “Dream” home said………………..read more! […]

21 11, 2013

Home Buying—Men and Women Differ on Views!

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Men and women view homeownership differently! ORLANDO, Fla.  Prudential Real Estate’s Consumer Outlook Survey for the third quarter of 2013  asked questions to understand the roles men and women play as couples shop for a home. […]

14 11, 2013

International Buyers…….Who’s Looking at SW Florida!

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In a report just released by CRS [Certified Residential Specialist] magazine, foreign  buyers looking to purchase in SW Florida have made 2 significant changes. The National Association of Realtors [NAR] also backs up the data published by CRS. Read on………. […]

13 11, 2013

Market Trends for Jobs…Spending…Home Mortgages

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Home Prices Still Strong The Jobs Report for October surprises, with twice the number of jobs added as expected. Even so, the Labor force   participation rate still fell slightly, and The Unemployment Rate ticked up. […]

11 11, 2013

Contemporary Art–2 Local Artists offer Private Showing

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The Cape Coral Art Studio is featuring the works of 2 well known local talents. Last Friday evening opened the exhibition by invitation only and drew a very large crowd. The 2 dimensional paintings of Robert “Bob” Ford and the 3 dimensional pottery of Louis Ford were featured. This private showing and reception kicked off a 16 day exhibition of their works at the studio, which will be open daily for the general public to view till November 26th. […]

8 11, 2013

Buy a Home with “only” 5% Down?—-You might be “Surprised” at the answer!

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For years now since the crash in 2006, we have had to tell our buyers that they must come up with at least 20% down for a primary residence, and 30-35% down for a 2nd home or vacation home purchase. In addition, the buyer credit score had to be above the 720 mark! Has this now changed?……………..read on! […]

7 11, 2013

Real Estate Terms—-The one’s you need to understand!

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I frequently get e-mails asking me to explain what a particular Real Estate term means. I have kept track over my almost 20 year career of the most commonly asked, and the one’s that are the most confusing especially on the buyers side of a transaction.  I offer a very brief explanation for each………..check it out! […]

6 11, 2013

Cape Coral’s Recreational Parks System

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Cape Coral is blessed as a city to have most of its parks systems pre-platted dating back as far as 1972 when it incorporated as a Florida city. Planners at that early time in the cities existence envisioned it entirely as a bedroom community for families. The good news is that they pre-platted some 39 parks thru out its 450 miles of land mass. The bad news is also that the city founders left very little land space set aside for light industrial and commercial usage. This has made a big impact on the city tax base and limitations on spending. Cape Corals Park systems are set up into 3 categories: 1] Recreation Centers & Attractions. 2] Athletic & Facilities Centers. 3] Neighborhood & Specialty Parks. Here is a breakdown of what you might find in each………… […]

5 11, 2013

Real Estate Market Trends

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Here is a quick snapshot of our local real estate and mortgage market here in Cape Coral and Fort Myers, as we head toward 2014…………..most of the data still supports that its a great time to buy a home, or to re-finance. Read this article………. […]

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