30 04, 2013

“Relay for Life”……Cape Coral event

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“Relay for Life” has been an annual fund raising event in Lee County since 2000. Cape Coral just finished it’s 13th annual cancer fund raiser last weekend. The American Cancer Society is the recipient of the funds raise by the event. This years event kicked off at Mariner High school in the north west Cape. There was a large stage placed at the 50 yard line. Small team tents encircled the track around the field. Each tent team had their individual theme and items to sell to raise money for cancer research. Bands were playing on stage…kids were playing on the in-field…karate exhibitions were taking place…the announcer was barking over the loud speaker…………then it began: […]

30 04, 2013

Cape Coral Florida……..Did You know?

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DID YOU KNOW……. Cape Coral consists of over 138,000 pre-platted lots. Most are 80 x 125 as a standard size. Some 120 x 125 triple lot sites exist as well. Jack and Leonard Rosen launched the city in 1957 when the brothers bought Redfish point and formed Gulf America Land Corporation. Some of the largest earth movers in the world were brought in to dig the 400 miles of navigable canals. They had to do this…..as it stood the land mass was a saltwater marsh, so they needed the excavated dirt for fill, to bring up the elevations needed for home-sites and roads. The very  low areas were dredged to form lakes or the super wide 200 ft  canals. A popular book about the Rosen’s and their “grand” land marketing plan was aptly called…”The Lies that came True”. The city was incorporated in 1970. […]

25 04, 2013

Florida First Time Home Buyers——Great Mortgage News!!

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Something new for the first-time home buyer in Florida is about to take place! If your currently renting, you may want to read this article. The Florida Legislature just announced that $35,000,000 dollars has been set aside for down-payment home ownership assistance thru the Florida Housing Finance Corporation [FHFC].  These monies were a part of  Florida’a huge settlement from the nations 5 largest mortgage services. Here are the bones of the program: […]

24 04, 2013

Home Buying Trends for 2013

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Remember the old days………you go to the store and outside are kiosk racks of homes “For Sale” magazines and books of “For Sale” homes? You would pore over those publications and circle homes that looked interesting, then walk into a real estate office with it in hand. Remember the old days……..you would walk into a real estate office and leave with a stack of MLS print-outs of “For Sale” homes to review, drive-by the neighborhoods, check out the other homes on the block, and select a few listings to go see? Remember the old days……..Realtors used Television ads, Billboards, car door signs,  and other print media as methods of marketing to potential buyers? Thankfully those days are now gone forever! […]

24 04, 2013

2013–Best Year for Housing Market since 2006!

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We have just made it thru the first quarter of 2013 and we are seeing solid evidence that our local real estate market is well on its way to being the best year for the housing market in over 7 years. While challenges still remain, like getting lenders to make loans a little easier to obtain, we are seeing good numbers in the housing sector here in Lee County. […]

18 04, 2013

Employment in Fort Myers & Cape Coral, Florida

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The number’s for 2012 are finally here and shows the various sectors of employment in our area. Some of the numbers are surprising, while some are not. A footnote should be made about Lee County. Some area’s of the County entail more farming for example than others [Fort Myers] and other areas offer more Leisure and Hospitality [Sanibel & Captiva]. Anyway, here are the statistic’s for the entire County for your review. Anyone looking to relocate here, will want to pay particular attention for employment opportunities within their individual profession. […]

5 04, 2013

If your thinking about moving up into a larger home….read this now!

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Here are the simple facts for a “sell and move up” in size home strategy…..ACT NOW! Prices have been rising on homes now for 14 consecutive month’s. If your selling one home to move up and into a larger one, it does you no good to wait for prices to climb higher……..the price of the move-up new home will increase in value faster, than the price on the home your’re leaving behind. The time for this type of buyer to take action is now! […]

3 04, 2013

New Loan Modification Program from the Fed.

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There is a new program on the horizon for borrowers who are under water on their mortgages. The program begins on July 1st 2013 and will be available till August 1st 2015. Here are the details and the good and the bad of the new initiative, launched by the Federal Housing Finance Agency. The Federal Government just announced a new loan modification program designed to help many struggling home owners by helping them re-structure their existing mortgages. […]