28 03, 2013

Gunkholing—–Not a Destination, Rather a Journey!!

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Gunkholing is an earthy term for meandering cruises in the back waters and off the main channels. For us that have the fortune of living in SW Florida, gunkholing offers a relaxed way to explore the out of the way places along our barrier islands. We are blessed with Gasparilla…Cayo Costa…Upper Captiva…Captiva…Sanibel…Estero islands as our chain of barrier islands that dot the coastline of Lee County. Each offers a unique attraction for gunkholers who set out to see new and secluded areas of our paradise. The spots that I will be talking about are for shallow water boats as well as large deep  draft trawlers. […]

26 03, 2013

Best Boating Marina’s of SW Florida!!

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Being a peninsula, and surrounded by water on 3 sides, Florida offers a variety of boating adventures. The Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic each offer very different kinds of boating and fishing fun. On the Atlantic side of the state for example, the  entrances to the Intercoastal waterway are called “Inlets”. On the Gulf coast they are called “Passes”. SW Florida is a boaters paradise! From Tampa boating south we have our barrier islands that  buffer the winds and waves of the warm Gulf waters. Right here in Lee County we have 5 barrier islands, with the most famous ones being Sanibel and Captiva. All of our barrier islands offer protected anchorages for transient boaters, as well as perfect spots to find the fish. If “anchoring out” is not your thing, several of the islands offer full service marina’s with well equipped showers and ships stores. Here is a list of my personal favorites: […]

19 03, 2013

2013’s Hot Home Remodel Trends!!

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Its pretty early into 2013, but several trends and easy upgrades to your homes interior are starting to emerge. They are easy and inexpensive to complete and require minimal time to accomplish. Giving your homes interior a fresh update does not require a full scale remodel, and will offer you a fresh look and enjoyment of your castle. Focus on these simple updates in the most frequently used rooms of the home. […]

18 03, 2013

Tips in an “Up Trending” Real Estate Market!!

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Excerpts taken from Berge Aslanian, and his “Real Estate Trends” article with the Chamber of Commerce.  Berge is a 7 year Re/Max Island Harbor Realtor, in Cape Coral. Everyone knows that in a market with prices going down……..you tighten your financial belt and wait out the storm. Does that also mean that in an “up Trending”  market the opposite is true? Perhaps Yes! In December 2012 there were 202 Cape Coral homes sold, with an average sales price of $144,000. In February 2013 there were 231 Cape Coral homes sold with an average sales price of $155,000. In December 2012 there were 21 Cape Coral condo’s sold with an average sales price of $100,500. In February 2013, there were 36 Cape Coral condo’s sold with an average sales price of $106,000. […]

7 03, 2013

Why use the Services of a Realtor?

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I often see and hear comments from sellers, that it would be easy to sell their home as a “For Sale By Owner” to avoid the Realtors Brokerage fee. Equally as often is the comment from a buyer that they only want to deal with the “Listing Agent” on a property, to perhaps make the Brokerage fee smaller since another Realtor is not involved. From experience, I can tell you there are many reasons for using the services of an experienced Realtor. Here are a few of the most important. 1] The purchase contract itself.   This is a big one! Today’s purchase contract that is used in our area is 10 pages long. That’s right, a full 10 pages of legal jargon drafted by the Florida Bar. There are 20 separate topics addressed in the basic contract ranging from default litigation issues, inspection periods, method of payment for the home, loan verbiage, escrows and deposits, title choices, assignment of contract……etc. […]

4 03, 2013

Real Estate Tips for Investors……A must read!!

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Have you ever heard of a REIT? If your a real estate investor with income producing property  your going to want to make a serious note of this. If your thinking of forming a small group for the purpose of buying income producing property, find out how a REIT can save you a ton of money. REIT……Real Estate Investment Trust. Under the U. S. Federal income tax law, the definition of a REIT, is any Corporation, Trust, Group Association, that acts as an investment agent involving  income producing real property [or mortgages]. […]