14 01, 2013

Foreign Investors…..Great News for the Real Estate Market!

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VISIT-USA  Act  [S.1746] This recently enacted piece of legislation will boost sales by foreign investors looking for real estate in the U.S. In another effort on the part of legislators to jump-start the sputtering U.S. economy, Visa laws have changed to try and improve tourism and the dollars it brings in, and to help move more unsold homes. How are they doing this…..By offering a renewable 3 year “homeowners visa”. […]

10 01, 2013

Investors–SW Florida Economy To Recover Faster than others!

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Economists say the real estate market offers stability and opportunity in 2013. There are several key factors why Florida is slated to be one of the best real estate markets in the country for 2013. The monthly “Florida Realtor” magazine sites several reasons and add that its still not to late to invest in Florida real estate,despite our hitting the bottom and appear to be recovering . Here are the key elements that are included: Timing.  Florida, Nevada, and California were the 3 states to hit the bottom before any other market in the U.S.  Parts of Florida actually ranked within the top 5 worst markets in the entire country. Cities like Cape Coral made the #2 spot and held it for well over a year. Miami followed in #5 position. Because of the devasting free fall, properties in these areas in particular, became under-valued as prices fell faster and markets weakened. It was not till October 2011, that the trend started to reverse itself and prices leveled and started to creep upward once again. Every single month in 2012 showed consistent, [ but slow]  upward movement in property values. Despite perhaps missing the actual bottom, there still is time to find good deals in the market. Timing is critical! […]