26 12, 2012

Best Fishing Spots in Lee County

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Best light tackle fishing spots in Lee County. Quiet….don’t say a word!  Don’t let this secret out of the bag. Here are some of the very best places to throw a line in the water! NOTE: These are not ranked by favorite to least liked…..rather all are good spots to throw out a light tackle line.   Tarpon Bay-Sanibel Island. This protected mangrove lined cove on the north side of the island has long been a favorite among casting fishermen. Its protected from the wind, easy to access, and the fishing is good all year round. The true test of a light tackle fisherman here is staying out of the mangroves! If you overcast and get snagged on a mangrove, only a skilled fisherman will be able to retrieve his lure. The water depth is about 3-4 feet, and the red fish like to hide just under the cover of mangroves. Flats boats are ideal for these waters. […]

21 12, 2012

Breaking News for Home Buying Investors!

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Great breaking news out of Washington for the home buying investors. The long standing FHA [Federal Housing Authority] rule forbidding “Flipping” within the first 90 days of home ownership has just been waived! FHA has waived that requirement in an effort to stimulate sales of homes in a sluggish and persistently weak recovering housing market here in the U.S.  By waiving this rule till 2014, FHA hopes to encourage investors to buy…rehab…and resell distressed properties. […]

20 12, 2012

Breaking Mortgage News for U.S. Homeowners.

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[Excerpts from the Florida Realtors News] Just released by the HUD [Housing and Urban Development]. They have just announced that its now cheaper to sell off FHA [Federal Housing Administration] mortgage loans to investors, than it is to complete the foreclosure process! This news that HUD will sell off FHA mortgages in Florida,  just came out of Washington a few days ago. Florida will now be the 2nd state to see this action. More surely will follow. Properties in California, Ohio, and Georgia are certainly the next to follow this action, says HUD’s chairman. […]

12 12, 2012

Lee County Tourism on the Rise

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Vacations are Back to Lee County! The numbers are in from the Fort Myers Southwest International Airport and tourism is up! A total of 484,768 passengers traveled thru our airport during November 2012. This was an increase of 3.3% over the same month last year. Year to date the numbers are slightly up as well. Delta Airlines lead the terminal with the highest volume of passengers….123,633 traveling to and from the airport. Rounding out the other top 5 were Air-Tran…Southwest…Jet blue and U.S. airways. For the entertainment and hospitality industry,  its a big shot in the arm, and for Lee County the bed tax and sales tax revenues are also up. Southwest Florida depends on tourism dollars as a key source of revenue. […]

8 12, 2012

Safest Cities in Florida….Cape Coral

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Cape Coral has done it again!! According to the latest data just released by the FBI’s National Crime Report, Cape Coral sits at or near the top as one of the overall safest cities in the State of Florida. Port St. Lucie was ranked #1 and Coral Springs #2 and Cape Coral #3. This is great news for the citizens of Cape Coral, and should be a big factor in buyers minds, thinking about SW Florida as a destination for relocation. […]

8 12, 2012

New VA Clinic in Cape Coral is Opening

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The much anticipated and long overdue project is now completed and ready to open. After complications, delays, cost over runs and delays in getting needed medical equipment…the full service facility complete with 8 operating  rooms will finally open its doors for both local and out of the area Military Veterans.  […]