29 10, 2012

Best Boating / Fishing Fun in our Fort Myers/Cape Coral Area

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With our heavy summer rainy season, and its heat now behind us, its time to get in the boat for day trips, fun and spectacular fishing. Our fall temperatures and dry afternoons are ideal for all types of boating in the tranquil aqua waters, of SW Florida. I am not ranking these from best to least liked, there are to many reasons why people pick places to boat. These are by far some of the very best for a variety of reasons. BOCA GRANDE/CAPTIVA PASS.   Boca Grande has something to offer for everyone, and that’s why I picked it first to discuss. Situated on Gasparilla Island in the NW corner of our county, and only about 6 miles long and at the widest about 1 mile. For the fisherman, Boca Grande pass is home of the world-class Tarpon tournaments held every year. Sport fisherman from all over the world flock to the 70 ft deep pass for these trophy catch and release fish. Modest sizes range from 100 -170 lbs. These silver beasts will offer some of the toughest but yet rewarding sport fishing in the world. There are only 2 rules when fishing for these hard fighting fish….no anchoring in the pass, and leave the motor running….its a 7 mph current, when the tide runs. […]

24 10, 2012

Mortgage Rates at Record Low

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[Just reported Monday 10/22/12 by the AP wire network] The interest rate on the very popular 30 year fixed mortgage has dropped again to 3.37%.  The interest rate on the other popular 15 year fixed mortgage has also dropped again to 2.66%. The rate on the 30 year fixed interest rate has now remained below 4% for this entire year. This stability in the rate’s is partially due to the Federal Reserve buying mortgage bonds. Their action was a way to continue to encourage more borrowing as well as spending in the economy. This move will more than likely continue till the unemployment numbers show a substantial improvement. […]

18 10, 2012

First Time Buyers……..I Suggest You “Skip” the Starter Home!!

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How about the concept of  “First Time” buyers……… skipping the starter home market altogether, and buying a larger “Forever” home, since it now takes longer to build equity in a home. If you’re a first time buyer, no children, in your 20’s, have good income, it just makes sense to skip the 1200 – 1300 square foot home and go on up into the larger homes, with more to offer, and keep the home longer.  With record low-interest rates, homes still at bargain prices, 40 year mortgages being available……..why not buy a “Forever” home and grow into it. The traditional thinking has always been for young couples to buy a small starter home……build equity over a few years, and as the family grew, sell and use that equity as your down payment on a larger home. That “start -out-slow” approach is no longer the approach in this “new normal” market. […]

11 10, 2012

Sell Your Home Now? 5 Reasons Why The Answer Is……..Yes

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Here are the top 5 reasons to sell you home now,  if you’re considering a change in lifestyle or relocation to another part of the planet. Usually its all about location in any purchase……and the other is timing. This posting is about timing! 1] INVENTORY. With the shrinking number of foreclosures and short sales entering the market, current inventory levels of available homes to purchase is dramatically low.  A normal supply of available homes is about a 4-5  month’s. Currently we have only a 2-3 month supply. This means for sellers…….rising prices [values] for their homes.  As inventories shrink, there is more competition among buyers for available homes, forcing prices up! Sellers benefit with higher sale prices right now. […]

8 10, 2012

New Construction Returns to Lee County!

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Building contractors in Fort Myers, North Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres, and Bonita Springs pulled 55  single family home building permits in September. In dollar terms, that equals $15.3 million in collective value. August had 41 permits pulled and for the same month of September, 2011 only 27 building permits were issued. In these same areas, 18 permits were pulled for multi-family construction, compared to 29 the month before in August. September 2011, showed an amazing 74 multi-family permits issued. I don’t have the breakdown by individual city or geographical area, but I was impressed when I did some digging, that Lehigh Acres actually had the most permits pulled for each of the 2 categories. […]