28 08, 2012

Increase In Job Demand For Florida

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Although the states un-employment rate ticked upward once again in July, from 8.6% to 8.8%, the jobs market actually showed an improvement. [This un-employment number is not seasonally adjusted.] In the same time period in 2011 that same number was a full 2% higher. In a press release last Friday, Governor Rick Scott reported that the Florida Dept. of Opportunity stated that Florida was one of only 8 states in the nation that saw an increase in job demand within the private sector. It went on to report that Florida lead the nation in on-line job ads and as a result increases were seen in openings  like sales…health care…office support…computer positions. […]

27 08, 2012

4 Signs The Housing Market Is Improving!

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[Excerpts from Forbes Business Report 8/22/12] I ran across this very interesting article that was written on the National level about the current state of our economy,  but seems to also reflect our local market here to a T.  I have always thought our local market went into the tank earlier than the other parts of the U.S. and never placed much accuracy on National figures about any recovery………..up until now! “Dear Depressed Homeowner, Ready for some good news?” While the General U.S. economy continues to struggle to make gains, for the first time since the end of the recession, the housing sector may actually make a significant contribution to economic growth in 2012.” […]

5 08, 2012

Army Reserve Center Coming To Cape Coral Florida.

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Construction is to begin within the next 30 days on the new facility. It will be situated in the NE portion of the city next to the new Veterans Hospital at Diplomat Parkway and Corbett Road. The ground breaking ceremony was just held on the future site this week, by Cape Coral city leaders. The expected completion date is September 2013. While servicing the training needs of the Army recruits, it also will generate additional jobs and revenue coming into the Cape, with soldiers supporting other local businesses, per Mayor John Sullivan. This new facility will spring life into the previously dormant Diplomat Parkway corridor. There long has been speculation about this stretch of road just east of Del Prado Blvd. The Veterans Hospital will certainly be the anchor for future development, with hotels, restaurants, shopping sure to come. […]

1 08, 2012

Fannie Mae News Release for August 1st 2012

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Fannie Mae has just released its survey report of American’s attitude about the economy…..personal  finances…..and the housing market. Here are some of the most interesting  comments and survey highlights, that I pulled from the lengthy report. Housing market confidence among most American’s continues to move in a positive direction, despite some obvious slowing of the economy in general. Fannie Mae expects to see a positive housing trend thru the last half of 2012 and well into 2013. This trend is based on low home prices especially in the markets that were hit hardest by the downturn in the market like South Florida. Record low interest rates not seen since the 1960’s also pushes this trend as well. This is good news for the consumer as well as the unemployment figures. The housing market has been down since 2006, with only one direction for it to go today……………UP! SURVEY HIGHLIGHTS Fannie Mae believes home prices expected to raise another 2%-4% thru 2012, and again by the same amount thru the first half of 2013. 69% of the Fannie Mae homeowners said they would buy if they had to move, or relocate to another area. […]