30 07, 2012

Check List For Your Moving Day

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The home buying and selling actual moving day is usually an ordeal and a challenge at best. No matter which side of the fence your on [buyer or seller] there are challenges to a successful move when the day finally comes. A little preparedness helps avoid disasters. Over the years I have developed a few tips that will help. WHERE WILL THE MOVING VAN PARK?  On the surface it may seem like a silly question but can be serious issue. You assume if you have a driveway it will be no problem. What if it’s an 18 wheel semi tractor-trailer that shows up on moving day? What if you have on street parking, where will it park, if other cars are parked there?  What if it has to park a distance away and it rains on move day? Make sure that the salesman  handling  the paperwork, also covers this important issue with you. […]

20 07, 2012

Great News For Cape Coral On a Variety Of Topic’s!!

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PROPERTY VALUES  They are up over 2011!!  Cape Coral taxable values rose by an estimated 3.53%…….the first increase in 6 long years. The estimated total value of property in Cape Coral was $8.9 billion, up from $302 million from a year ago.  These figures were put together by the Lee County Property Appraiser’s office just last week.  A properties taxable value and taxes are calculated annually based on the sales from the previous calendar year. This trend line is a very positive note and reverses the falling values since 2006. The actual worst year was 2009 when values plummeted by 33%. The final budget is being developed and property owners will get their tax bill sometime in August. Great news for a cash starved Cape Coral. CRIME IS  DOWN  Violent as well as non-violent crimes reported in the Cape was down overall for the first 6 month’s of 2012. The Police Dept. is reporting that violent crime decreased 21% compared to the same time last year. There were 129 violent crimes  last year same time compared to 99 this year. Non-violent crimes [property crimes] also declined by 10% with 194 less incidences reported. On the negative side there were 59  vehicle thefts reported this year versus only 48 for the same time last year. Police chief  Jay Murphy stated that the dept. has a great team of “first on scene” [...]

13 07, 2012

Is New Construction About To Return To Our Area??????

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The answer to that question is absolutely………….YES!! After 6 long years of little to no permits for new construction being pulled, all that is about to change. The market has perfect conditions for a new construction boom once again. REASON #1: According to “Prein Daily News”, a watch dog group that tracks real estate numbers……record low inventories of re-sale homes is making it increasingly difficult for a growing numbers of buyers to make offers on homes, without getting themselves into a bidding war with other interested buyers.  A multi-offer environment has been around Lee County for nearly 2 years in the under $250,000 priced homes. Buyers have become frustrated with this trend. It is common place for homes in this price range to be bid UP, over the homes listed price in MLS, by these multiple offers. At the present time there are less than 2000 homes currently on the market for sale……..this equates to about a 3 month supply, compared to 2010 when we had a 7-9 month supply of available homes  “For Sale”.  Many new Realtors to the business, who have little experience, are confused with the new procedures for either making or receiving multiple offers. […]

9 07, 2012

Steady Mortgage Rates = Housing Market Improvements

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[Selected excerpts from the Realty Times Publication…..July 4th 2012] I read great news this past week about the housing market. Pending home sales have jumped up once again. According to the National Association of Realtors, the number of signed contracts for home purchase rose an impressive 5.9%. spending for new construction also rose by almost 1 %. For our Lee County area market, this means 7 continuous month’s of improved sales. While values have increased among many property owners, we are still a long way from a full recovery. What is causing the increase in sales?…………………….very “Stable”  mortgage  interest rates. […]