20 04, 2012

A perfect day trip to “Mote Marine” in Sarasota Florida

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 Mote Marine has been around since 1955 and its founder Dr. Eugenie Clark has been at the helm ever since that date. Its purpose is to rescue  and perform research on all types of marine life that are in our Gulf waters. The independent non-profit organization’s objective has been to advance the exploration and science of sea life. It did add a bird aviary several years ago which brings the total to 7 centers for research and helping marine animals and to protect our water environment. The facility is in Sarasota florida which is south of Tampa. […]

16 04, 2012

Adventure road trip into Central Florida!

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When most people think about a Florida road trip, the destination always seems to  be a coastal location. I can understand, who does not like the fabulous white sand beach’s, the attractions, Cape Canaveral, South Beach in Miami, boating, fishing, and the fine waterfront dining that our coastal communities have to offer. However, what if you could: 1] Ride an original 1907 wood burning steam locomotive on a 2 hour ride into history, that is the last of its kind in America? […]

11 04, 2012

Rankings for International buyers of Florida property…….just who is buying!

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While most Realtors have a pretty good handle on who is their buyer pool for their local market, we sometimes forget just who outside our country is actually purchasing homes here in South Florida. I did the research on foreign buyers and was a little surprised about the the results. Here are the statistic’s for South Florida: […]

6 04, 2012

Where to put your money……when remodling your home interior?

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As a buyer, you’ve  just closed on your home purchase and have remodeling plans in mind…..But your finances dictate that you must prioritize where the wrecking ball will land first.  As a Realtor, I always encourage my buyers to take some time before tearing out walls and  to do-your-homework!  A plan saves both time and especially money when tackling an interior remodel. Most buyers ask me where to start, and what will make the most  immediate “Big Bang” improvement for my dollar, as well as increased re-sale value of the home. [Remember, most people move every 5.7 years in this country]  […]

2 04, 2012

Which is a better investment……Real Estate or the Stock Market?

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The old traditional views on this subject goes back to the cyclical theory touted by many financial advisors for years. The thinking was that when the real estate market was a good investment, stocks were a poor buy, and vice versa. This cyclical swing was like the predictable pendulum on a clock. That thinking all changed in 2006 when both the real estate market and the stock market made its unforgettable march toward the bottom. Even the sacred IRA’s were not spared from the downturn. In our market, like most across the country, it would not be until 2011 before we saw real positive signs that the bottom had been found. […]