28 02, 2012

Iwo Jima statue in Cape Coral rededicated. Cape Coral Landmark

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As you enter Cape Coral via the Midpoint bridge you will be greeted by the Four mile Cove Eco Park on the right hand side of the roadway. Setting at its entrance is one of the oldest city landmarks………the Iwo Jima flag raising statue remembering the date of 2/23/45. It was on that date that the first of two flags were raised on Mount Suribachi. Iwo Jima was one of the US Marines bloodiest battles in the Pacific Theatre of WWII. […]

27 02, 2012

Investor Tips for Real Estate Purchases.

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If your a Real estate Investor who likes to buy and flip [resell quickly],  this is not the post for you to read. If on the other hand you are an investor that is looking to purchase and use as a rental income property,  you should continue reading.  Here are the quick tips to remember: 1] Target the $110,000 and less home market. [never condo’s] 2] Have your cash ready. [Finance contingency offers almost never work in these price ranges.] […]

23 02, 2012

Why use the services of a realtor to sell your property?

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Here are some quick and interesting reasons why to employ a Realtor to sell your property: 1] Your Realtor guarantees their work.  They get paid only when your property is sold and you have your proceeds. 2] You hear conflicting suggestions from well meaning friends/family……only Realtor’s have answers based on experience. […]

22 02, 2012

11 Most Frequently asked Real Estate Questions

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Here is a list of the most frequently asked real estate questions that have come up lately……….some of the answers might surprise you! Q. Do I need an attorney to sell a home in Florida? A. No. While attorney’s can close real estate transactions, traditionally the actual closing is performed by a Title Co. It is their role to research the records for liens, debts, assessments, etc and to issue the new buyer a Title Policy. Attorneys within the state of Florida are generally used to review contracts for the sale and purchase, prior to going to a Title Co. […]

7 02, 2012

Breaking news about Cape Coral Florida

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WOW………..finally some great news for Cape Coral after almost 6 years of nothing but foreclosures and short sales and a bust market with 10.7 % unemployment. Patricia Esswein with the nationally syndicated “Kiplinger Letter” just listed  the “Cities with the highest rising prices”. Cape Coral Florida made their #1 choice! She goes on to report that the Cape has twin slots in its rankings, in the past as the best “Boom” market and recently the epitomy of the “Bust” market.  Prices are now  on the rise once again. […]

6 02, 2012

Sanibel Island beach’s Ranked #1 place in the world

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  Arthur Frommer, the renowned founder of Frommer’s Travel Guides, has ranked Sanibel Island #1 as his favorite place in the world to travel, describing Sanibel as, “Off the west coast of the Sunshine State, a few miles  from Ft. Myers, is his idyllic haven of white-sand beaches, condos whose seafront apartments are available for weekly rentals, excellent restaurants, good shopping and most important, the Ding Darling Nature Preserve, visited by thousands of birds of every species, who bask in the sun after diving for fish, and are one of the great natural sights of wildlife in America.” […]