Home Search & Buying Times….Getting Longer or Shorter?

Is the buyers search time for buying a home getting shorter or longer? Is the Realtors time spent showing homes to a potential buyer getting shorter or longer? Is the property settlement time getting shorter or longer? You might be surprised at the answers. Read more……. …continue

Who are the International Buyers coming to SW Florida?

SW Florida has always been a destination among foreign buyers for decades. The mix sometimes changes based on the economies of both the US and the Foreign countries. There always is a shift from time to time on the mix of just who comes here to purchase homes. Here is the current list: …continue

Cape Coral……..Hitting the Top Lists Again

The news about Cape Coral seems to be growing as one of the favorite destinations for people looking to relocate to SW Florida. See where Cape Coral ranked in polls and by whom. Read more….. …continue

It’s Hurricane Season……….Are You Ready?

As both a long time Floridian and Realtor, I am often asked by out of the area buyers about what to do in a hurricane if you don’t want to leave your home? What items should they have on hand, and how much?Where do I start? Here are the answers……… …continue

Cape Coral Water Shortage…….A Possible Solution?

Here is the problem that keeps becoming larger and a bigger issue as we add new families moving to the Cape…..we are running out of freshwater supply of drinking water during our 90-120 day winter dry season. It also effects the freshwater canal water levels so badly, that boating becomes impossible. Perhaps a solution has been found…read more… …continue