Keep This a Secret……A Fun Sunday Destination on my Favorite Island

If your in the mood for great food…ice cold beer…live music…waterfront atmosphere…great service…and an island experience……come to this place, you will be glad you did! But I want to keep this place a secret, if the word gets out that its a great destination…the place will be over run with guests. What is it, and where is it….read more. …continue

Guess Who Made “The 2017 Fastest Growing Cities List”?

Posted in Forbes magazine on 2/10/2017 by Samantha Sharf, Forbes Staff writer, she listed the hottest markets in the country…especially the Florida “Top Picks” for 2017. adidas yeezy boost Want to know what she had to say about fastest growing cities in Florida? Read more…… …continue

Home Search & Buying Times….Getting Longer or Shorter?

Is the buyers search time for buying a home getting shorter or longer? Is the Realtors time spent showing homes to a potential buyer getting shorter or longer? Is the property settlement time getting shorter or longer? You might be surprised at the answers. Read more……. …continue

Who are the International Buyers coming to SW Florida?

SW Florida has always been a destination among foreign buyers for decades. fjallraven kanken backpack outlet The mix sometimes changes based on the economies of both the US and the Foreign countries. Goedkoop Nike Air Max There always is a shift from time to time on the mix of just who comes here to purchase homes. Here is the current list: …continue

Challenges for Cape Coral in 2017

As we close the door on 2016 and the presidential elections, we begin to look ahead at issues facing city council, and the topics and subject of growth, infrastructure, utility expansion, and education. Nolan Ryan Baseball Jersey I have chosen to take a look at the hottest topics, and issues facing the city for 2017. Here is the list…… more. …continue