11 08, 2018

“Barnacles”……….A Great Island Restaurant

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Please don’t tell a bunch of people about this restaurant. Please do not spread the word. It should be only for us local’s, but its looking to change! Ok, the secrets out…….Barnacle Phil’s [The old name] waterfront restaurant is open for business and only accessible by boat or plane. Read More…….. […]

29 05, 2018

Who Buys in SW Florida during the “Off-Season” Summer Months?

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This is a very often asked question by people who find out that I have been a real estate agent here, for a long time. Most questions surround the topic of a dead market during the summer, and how does a realtor make a living during that period? Others akin it to the harsh winters in other regions of the states, and lack of interest in real estate when there is a blizzard outside? Who wants to buy in our hot Florida weather? However, these assumptions are not true. We actually have¬† great summer sales months in SW Florida…..read more. […]

5 05, 2018

Cape Coral Bimini Basin………It Just Keeps Weaving Its Magic!

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After being dug some 50 years ago by the Rosen Brothers….the Bimini Basin continues to weave its magic over the downtown Cape Coral waterways and into the hearts of the downtown commerce by boaters now for generations.¬† What is it and exactly where is it? Read more….. […]

9 01, 2018

2018 Projects for Downtown Cape Coral Come to Life

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For years, the downtown corridor of the city has been stagnant with growth, vacant office spaces, restaurants going out of business, old buildings sitting unoccupied, and with no future development on the horizon. Then it started back in 2013…life began to come back to downtown once again. Read more… […]

22 12, 2017

Cape Coral is #1 City for National Growth in 2017

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Its not even the end of the year yet, but the rankings for cities topping the national growth list are already etched in stone, just one week before the end of the calendar year. WHY?……because the study showed a huge landslide for Florida, Texas, and Tennessee. Cape Coral was just named as the the #1 city for growth…….read more. […]

16 10, 2017

Nor-Tech Hi-Performance Boats to Headquarter in Cape Coral.

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In the world of racing boats, “go Fast” boats as we call them, the name Nor-Tech is right up there with signature companies like “Fountain” and “Cigarette” boat companies. Nor-Tech’s next venture is headed for Cape Coral. Read More….. […]

14 06, 2017

It’s Hurricane Season……….Are You Ready?

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As both a long time Floridian and Realtor, I am often asked by out of the area buyers about what to do in a hurricane if you don’t want to leave your home? What items should they have on hand, and how much?Where do I start? Here are the answers……… […]

8 06, 2017

Challenges for Cape Coral in 2017

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As we close the door on 2016 and the presidential elections, we begin to look ahead at issues facing city council, and the topics and subject of growth, infrastructure, utility expansion, and education. I have chosen to take a look at the hottest topics, and issues facing the city for 2017. Here is the list……..read more. […]

11 05, 2017

Waterfront Restaurants in Cape Coral

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It’s not a big deal to drive your car to one of our local waterfront restaurants, for a great dining experience. However if you take a boat ride to get to one of these great places…it’s twice the fun. Cape Coral is blessed with several waterfront restaurants that offer great dockage for boaters. Here is the list…..read more. […]

24 04, 2017

Keep This a Secret……A Fun Sunday Destination on my Favorite Island

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If your in the mood for great food…ice cold beer…live music…waterfront atmosphere…great service…and an island experience……come to this place, you will be glad you did! But I want to keep this place a secret, if the word gets out that its a great destination…the place will be over run with guests. What is it, and where is it….read more. […]

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