Cape Coral Water Shortage…….A Possible Solution?

Here is the problem that keeps becoming larger and a bigger issue as we add new families moving to the Cape…..we are running out of freshwater supply of drinking water during our 90-120 day winter dry season. It also effects the freshwater canal water levels so badly, that boating becomes impossible. Perhaps a solution has been found…read more… When the Rosen brothers came to town in the late 1950’s to plan out their dream idea of developing Cape Coral, they quickly realized that drinking water would be a problem, once the city reached 150,000 residences. Their solution, dredge miles and miles of freshwater canals and lakes that could become storage systems for water. The idea was a great one, which resulted in over 300 miles of today’s freshwater canal system network. Fast forward into the future to the 1980’s, the city built a reverse osmosis plant to take waste water, treat it, and return it to the individual home owner for use in lawn watering and car washing. It was such a success, today scientists from all over the world come to study its design. What has been proposed recently is to acquire an old aggregate mining area with over 1000 acres and turn it into a reservoir. The property is along highway 41. With the natural sheet flow of water heading south from Charlotte County during rainy season, it would be easy to divert into the reservoir. There is a double benefit as well. As parts of North Ft. Myers flood during rainy season, this could be better controlled or even eliminated. If the city engineers have it right this site could hold 1.5 billion gallons of water. The next step would be to install pumps and water lines to connect with the “Gator Slough” freshwater and transfer the water into the canal system, as needed on an on-going basis. Its simple and cost effective.

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