Cape Coral Water Shortage…….A Possible Solution?

Here is the problem that keeps becoming larger and a bigger issue as we add new families moving to the Cape…..we are running out of freshwater supply of drinking water during our 90-120 day winter dry season. It also effects the freshwater canal water levels so badly, that boating becomes impossible. Perhaps a solution has been found…read more… …continue

Challenges for Cape Coral in 2017

As we close the door on 2016 and the presidential elections, we begin to look ahead at issues facing city council, and the topics and subject of growth, infrastructure, utility expansion, and education. I have chosen to take a look at the hottest topics, and issues facing the city for 2017. Here is the list…… more. …continue

Waterfront Restaurants in Cape Coral

It’s not a big deal to drive your car to one of our local waterfront restaurants, for a great dining experience. However if you take a boat ride to get to one of these great places…it’s twice the fun. Cape Coral is blessed with several waterfront restaurants that offer great dockage for boaters. Here is the list… more. …continue

What is a Tax Certificate? If I Pay the Back Taxes….is the property mine?

Many people annually are not able to pay their property taxes on time, or not at all sometimes. The taxes seem to mount up as the years go by without payment. Some people believe that if they step in and redeem or pay all of the back taxes that ownership transfers to them automatically. Is that correct? Read more…. …continue

2017…….New Companies & Jobs coming to Cape Coral

Cape Coral has always been a destination city for folks wanting to relocate to a warmer climate. It has always been a destination city for those people wanting to get into the service, hospitality, health care, and retail jobs. In 2016, we saw a big jump in commercial retail and restaurant construction. So what types of new jobs and companies will be headed our way for 2017? Read More….. …continue