Who’s Buying homes in 2016?

As we continue to move toward an end of the first quarter of 2016, Hal & I took a quick look at who are our buyers coming to Lee County to purchase homes and condo’s. Some of the results may surprise you……..read more. …continue

Home Inspections When Buying…..Do You Really Need Them?

Ok, you have found your “Dream” home with the help of your Realtor…made an offer on the home…seller has agreed on both terms and price of the purchase. Mochilas Kanken No.2 ray ban pas cher Whats next? Hopefully your offer was contingent on a complete set of home inspections? But which ones do you need? Read more…… …continue

Cape Coral History….Selling a Dream!

Most folks believe that the story of Cape Corals origins began in 1957, when the two brothers from Baltimore, Jack and Leonard Rosen, flew over the peninsula, then called Redfish Point…..today that area is known simply as “The Yacht Club.” That flight lead to their eventual purchase of the land now known as Cape Coral. Nike Air Huarache Heren It would indeed be an incorrect assumption to believe that was the beginnings of Cape Coral. Read more…….. …continue

Fun Facts about Florida & our local area

Florida map

How much do you know about our sunshine state? Why does it have that name? What are some of the trivia facts about the state as well as our local area? Want to learn more about our fun facts? Read More……. …continue

What’s Coming to Cape Coral????


There is ground breaking taking place all over the Cape….and in 1 location in particular. Several new businesses are in the works and more are in the planning stages. But one location in particular is enjoying a great final build out. Read More…….. …continue