Modular Homes……Good or Bad for Cape Coral Home Values??

There is a big “Brouhaha” developing in the Cape over a new home going up on Kismet parkway in the north part of the city. The home in question happens to be a modular design and construction. Nike Air Max 2017 Dames blauw Is this to be the first of many to find their way into the Cape’s Landscaping? What will be the impact on neighborhood home values if more modular homes are on the way? Read More……. We all know what a mobile home is….we all know what a manufactured home is….but just what is a modular home? The modular homes arriving to our area are manufactured by Skyline Industries in Ocala Florida. [A very long established company in central Florida.] The one in the photo, was constructed into 2 sections and placed on 2 semi’s for delivery, then assembled and attached on a concrete block stem wall foundation. Interior The one I toured is about 1000 sq. ft. of living area with 3 full bedrooms, 2 full bath’s and a great room main living area. You cannot tell once inside that it came to town in 2 sections. This home had granite counters, cherry wood cabinets, upgrade tile and carpet flooring, tray ceilings and central a/c system. The only thing missing was the optional detached 2 car garage with breezeway into the home. Fjallraven Kanken Mini It was cute and had the bells & whistles conventional construction offers. sac kanken There is opposition from some Realtors and especially the local builders about these modular homes. There side of the issue is the feeling that the introduction of modular homes will drag down property values. Hollister Magasin They also state that financing is difficult to obtain, and cost for homeowners insurance is near impossible to find. Those in favor of the modular homes site affordability, high quality materials, 180 mph wind loading, high energy efficiency, and good appearance.Bath Traditional homes are built here to the latest Miami/Dade hurricane codes of 130 mph wind load. The modular home certainly exceeds that number by a significant amount. The construction and general appearance of the home certainly is miles above the quality of the Habitat for Humanity homes that have been built here for years. Fjallraven Kanken Baratas I checked with my mortgage company and they had no problem lending for this product, and my homeowners insurance agent said there was no problem obtaining insurance either, as long as it met building codes for our county. As far as property values are concerned, I don’t see where they will be a blight to any neighborhood. If anything, first time home buyers need an affordable and attractive product….and this seems to fit the bill!! So the bottom line is that my feeling about the product is that its good for the Cape, with more pro’s than possible con’s to this type of home construction. I say lets continue to provide housing options to folks wanting to move to our area.

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