The “720 Day” Cap Rule……Good News for about 1/2 of All Americans Homeowners.

Many Florida borrowers two or more years late on their mortgage payments could get another chance to save their homes following a change in loan modification rules by the Federal Housing Finance Agency. I pulled part of the article posted by the Florida Realtors site for your review. Would you qualify for this……….read on. …continue

Less Than “Stellar” Credit…….Try a Smaller Lender!

Do you have imperfections in your employment record? Do you have some dips in your credit score? Are these issues affecting your ability to obtain a home loan? Perhaps you need to be applying for a mortgage somewhere local. Read more……. …continue

Single Home Buyers……..Wave of the Future?

The traditional buyer in our market place has always been a married couple. But that may be a thing of the past, as more people are holding off on marriage, and working on a career instead. What does this mean for the housing market and particularly new construction? Read more…………… …continue

Pay Down your Mortgage faster with these 2 Tips?

If you can afford to take a 30 year mortgage term and pay it down with extra payments, you will see some real positive results. Or, perhaps go for a 15 year mortgage in the first place, and save from the beginning of your purchase. Want to learn more? Read more….. …continue

Fort Myers & Cape Coral Metro Areas……New Construction Updates!

One of the things about our local economy that I am frequently asked is….what drives it! What moves the economy forward in say Orlando is vastly different that here in SW Florida. The same is true for the middle of the state versus the coastal communities. What is the key driving feature of our local economy….read more to find out. …continue