24 06, 2014

All about Anchoring your Boat in our SW Florida Waters…….A Must Read!

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  Anchoring your boat is not the same in all parts of the country. Anchoring your boat is also not the same in all parts of Florida. OK, So what is so special about anchoring in SW Florida. If it’s different here, then what do I need to know about type of anchor to use, how many do I need, what size, how much rope, etc. For the answers, read more……… […]

24 06, 2014

Summer Fishing in SW Florida

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No matter what your fishing for in SW Florida, the summer month’s are some of the most active, and this year seems to be true to that theme. Some of the best back bay fishing can be done behind and around our barrier islands. Want to know just where and what are the summer hot spots? Read more…………. […]

19 06, 2014

Cape Coral, Florida…….From Wilderness to “Waterfront Wonderland”

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Cape Coral is the largest land mass city between Tampa and Miami. It offers over 400 miles of navigable freshwater and gulf access canals, plus numerous lakes. It now boasts over 160,000 in population, offering a thriving business climate, family oriented lifestyle, with an average age of around 41 years old.  But “The Cape” as we locals call it, was not always the way it is today. read more………… […]

16 06, 2014

Hurricane’s………What You Need to Know……and Do!

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If your new to this area, you may be asking several questions. What do I do if a hurricane comes? Do I stay or leave? What do I do with the Pet? What should I take if I leave? What do I need if I stay? If I leave how will I go? I guess I need a plan! […]

12 06, 2014

Tips…..on How to Navigate Cape Coral’s Streets!

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Want to stop going in circles when driving around Cape Coral? What do you do when you can see your destination……but there is a canal between you and  it? Want to quit being frustrated over dealing with a street map? Don’t let our 400 miles of waterway canals drive you nuts. Here are a few tips to learn. Read more………. […]