29 04, 2014

Florida Gun Owners Win against Higher Insurance Rates

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Do you own a handgun? Do you own a rifle? Do you possess an automatic rifle? Do you own a shotgun? If you answered YES to any of these questions, there is great news ahead your going to want to read!! While Governor Rick Scott has not signed the legislation yet, he is expected to do so in a matter of days. Read on……….. […]

29 04, 2014

Home Invasion & Damage………A little known Florida Law that Benefits Homeowners!!

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God forbid you never have the horrible experience of a home invasion with damage, however homeowners can breath a little easier with this little known Florida law about repairs. While home invasions are not the norm in our Lee County, but they do happen. No deductible for crime damage!! Read on…….. […]

29 04, 2014

Cape Coral….When is an Assessment just another name for a Tax???

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YUP……….the Cape City Counsel is at it again! Effective January 1st, every property owner in the city received a new tax. However they do not call it a tax….rather…….a “Fire Assessment”. The assessment is for both improved property as well as vacant lots and acreage. Is it legal? Read on…………. […]

14 04, 2014

Hurricane Season 2014…….What are the Experts Predicting?

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I normally do my own writing, but this report offers a quick and easy to read predictions for 2014. Fewer hurricanes are predicted…….but don’t let your guard down!! Read more…………. […]

14 04, 2014

Local Alert………Labor Shortages among Construction Trades

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I never thought I would see the day when new construction would finally come back to our area following the recession that hit here in 2006. New construction is on the rise here in Lee County once again. The problem facing many builders is the lack of quality labor to build their homes. Read more………………….. […]

11 04, 2014

Local Lenders Lowering Credit Score Requirements to attract more Buyers

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More banks are lowering minimum FICO credit score requirements in an attempt to shore up lending for underserved borrowers. While our local market is good, most lenders say it should be better! Most mortgage and bank lenders are saying that they need to stimulate the market by lowing the minimum FICO credit score requirements. Simply put, they need to be lending more money! How low are they going………………..read on! […]

9 04, 2014

2014 in SW Florida…….Buyers Market or Sellers Market?

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Clearly the swinging pendulum in the real estate market moves from a buyers market to a sellers market based on inventory of available homes. Its brilliantly clear in looking at the first quarter numbers for 2014………its a sellers market. Projections are that the remainder of this year will be better for sellers than buyers in our local market. While sellers may have the advantage, to get closer or even over and above their listed price, they should cater to buyers…. “must have” and “would love to have” items. What are these items and trends………..read on. […]

8 04, 2014

8 Tips for remodeling to make a small bathroom…Look & Feel Larger!!

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I guess just about every Realtor that has been in the business has heard of the “Cluttered Sellers” problem. You know, you go on a listing appointment and you cant see the home for all the clutter. Solving that kind of a problem is critical and very important before you place the home on the market. Here is another one to talk about……….how do you make small spaces like a guest bath look larger? Read on……….. […]