26 02, 2014

Flood Insurance Costs for our Coastal Community…….heres an update!!

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This is another great article posted by the Florida Realtors Publication that bears passing on to you regarding flood insurance costs for our coastal state of Florida. Our area includes Cape coral…Fort Myers…North fort Myers…Bonita Springs…Fort Myers Beach…Sanibel, Captiva and Gasparilla Islands. We all have been holding our breath’s on the issue of skyrocketing flood insurance costs. This is a good article to pass along to you…….. […]

20 02, 2014

Are Investors still Buying in Cape Coral & Fort Myers?

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This will surprise most of the believers that the investors left the area when prices sky rocked here in early 2013. Just read what the Florida Realtors Publication just posted this week!!! […]

16 02, 2014

Floridians Confident in its Economic Recovery

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Here was another great article written by the Florida Realtors News Publication, that I thought was a good read. Take a quick glance at some of the findings, and their feeling about how Floridians view their economy. […]

14 02, 2014

Can Afford to Buy the Home……But not the needed Repairs…Here’s How!

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How many of you find yourself in this situation………..Especially “first time” buyers??? You can get the loan to make the home purchase, but lack the cash after closing, to make the needed minor repairs? It’s a common problem. Perhaps here is the way to do it…………………..read on! […]

10 02, 2014

Home Equity Loans are Making a Comeback!!

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Wow……..Here is a phrase that we have not heard in our market since 2006! I saw this report on Florida Realtors News,  and thought it worthy of posting it to my blog for your review. Here you go……….. Banks, eager to speed up their sluggish revenue growth, are returning to a business that lost appeal during the housing downturn: home equity lending. […]

6 02, 2014

2014 Changes in the way you Buy a Home!!

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I found another really good article out of Washington from the Florida Realtors information site that I thought was a good and quick read about changes in the way people now handle their mortgage.  These new rules in my opinion help the consumer and hold lenders liable for offering bad loans. Its a good read………………Here are five ways the rules affect a home buyer: […]

6 02, 2014

2013 Year End—Who Bought and Sold in Florida?

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The statistics are in from the Florida Realtors Publication for 2013, and I thought I would copy and paste for your review….it has some surprise statistic’s….and some interesting trends developing for 2014……….check it out!! […]

6 02, 2014

Boca Grande Florida………the “Olde” Florida Lifestyle!!!

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Hush, Don’t say a word about this…..do not pass this write up along to anyone….mum’s the word on this topic!! If you want to enjoy a piece of “Olde Florida” and experience a journey into the past, then this is the place. Just picture an island retreat fishing village that is secluded and private….as well as a playground to the rich and famous. A place that has no gas stations…no traffic lights…no speed limits above 40 mph…few if any parking meters…and no need for street address to find places…golf carts on downtown streets common place, in fact there are only 2 streets NOT designated as cart paths….Boca Grande Florida is  the place to see it all!!! […]