Foreclosure Numbers at record low in Cape Coral & Fort Myers

The number of homes heading toward foreclosure in 2013 fell to a 6 year low!!

Part of the reason for this trend has to do with the improvement of the national economy as well as our own here at home. Another reason is the lenders “took-back” the fewest number of homes since 2007. A third reason for the trend is another policy change by big lenders in 2013, to keep the vacated homes rented and occupied to avoid blight to the area, as well as avoid any vandalism issues when vacant. …continue

Florida Homes continue to build Equity!!

Great news for Floridians……as well as the rest of the country!!

CoreLogic released its third quarter 2013 analysis, and it finds that about 791,000 more residential U.S. properties returned to a state of positive equity and are no longer underwater. …continue

New Construction in our area……..Here are the Numbers

When the market here crashed in late 2006, one of the first segments of the market to go away was new construction. Builders were not able to sell their product as values tumbled and their expenses stayed the same. Most put their business on hold…..while others left and relocated their identity in areas directly affected by hurricane Katrina. Not just the builders left….but they took their subs and workers with them. …continue

How to Do-Away with Private Mortgage Insurance

Here is a great way to save yourself money…..I saw this on the Florida Realtors site and just had to copy and paste it for you to read. …continue

Mortgage Requirements Get Stiffer in 2014

I found this article posted by the “Florida Realtors” site and thought it would be pertinent for my buyers who are currently looking for homes and needing financing. Its a good read so I have copied to my website. If you get a mortgage this year, be prepared for some changes. …continue