Buy or Stay Renting—-Not an easy Decision!

As the U.S. housing market recovers, many of the people who lost their homes to foreclosure and short sales may be the next round of new buyers. For some people who went thru either of these 2 processes more than 4 years ago may find themselves now able to get financing to buy a home. …continue

What Buyers need to do in a Sellers Market!

For almost a year now our local market has been completely a sellers market. Our general market consists of Fort Myers…Cape Coral…North Fort Myers…Bonita Springs…Lehigh Acres. Earlier in the year bidding wars were dominating the market with multiple offers on the same property. Many homes went under contract within a week of being listed. Buyers needing a mortgage to purchase were being pushed aside by sellers who were looking at cash offers……….even when the mortgage contingency offers showed a higher offered sales price. Buyers became frustrated at finding their “Dream” home and not being able to purchase.

If your a financing buyer in this market, there are a few things you CAN do, that other similar buyers are trying. In a recently published  survey of buyers needing a mortgage to purchase their “Dream” home said……………… more!Contract signing …continue

Home Buying—Men and Women Differ on Views!

Men and women view homeownership differently!

ORLANDO, Fla.  Prudential Real Estate’s Consumer Outlook Survey for the third quarter of 2013  asked questions to understand the roles men and women play as couples shop for a home. …continue

International Buyers…….Who’s Looking at SW Florida!

In a report just released by CRS [Certified Residential Specialist] magazine, foreign  buyers looking to purchase in SW Florida have made 2 significant changes. The National Association of Realtors [NAR] also backs up the data published by CRS. Read on………. …continue

Market Trends for Jobs…Spending…Home Mortgages

Home Prices Still Strong
The Jobs Report for October surprises, with twice the number of jobs added as expected. Even so, the Labor force   participation rate still fell slightly, and The Unemployment Rate ticked up. …continue