Our 6 Trophy Beaches here in Lee County

Call each of these…… “Tops for Families”…”Most Secluded”…”Best Shelling”…”Romantic”…”White fine Sand”……..they all describe the best 6 beaches we have here in Lee County.

Now is the time to try each out and come up with your own superlatives or catch phrases. Here are the 6 must see island beaches in our area………. …continue

Veterans—–New Help on Mortgage & Other Financial Disputes!

If you have a Veteran in your family or have a relative on active duty, this can be an important bit of information, to pass along if necessary. 

Here is the problem:  More veterans than ever, and their families are seeking help from the VA and the Federal Government to help solve disputes regarding mortgages, credit cards, and other financial issues. In 2012 the “Office of Servicemembers Affairs” received 2,300 complaints. Through July of  2013 the number had already reached 2,000. …continue

Cape Coral—-A Boater’s Waterfront Playground

If you had the chance to take a helicopter ride over the city of Cape Coral, you would swear you were in Venice Italy. No your not going to see gondola’s and guys in boats with red striped shirts. But what you will see as you fly over Cape Coral are the 450 miles of canals that line the city.canal view

In fact one of the big draws for Cape Coral is the fact that its a pennisula and has all of these canal networks. There are actually 2 canal systems…..freshwater with no access to the Gulf of Mexico, and saltwater that does link up to the Gulf of Mexico. Another little known fact is that ………..every canal in the city has its own name! …continue

Short Sales………..The Rules just changed!

Effective August 1st 2013, the rules from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac regarding their backed loans has changed.

“Each new short sale listing from these two entities must maintain an “Active” status for a minimum of 5 days: and that timeframe must include at least 1 weekend.” …continue

Is Your Home Safe?—–Interesting Data Just Released!

ADT……..one of the largest providers of home and business security systems just completed a survey of “American habits and behavior patterns” towards home safety, that makes for an interesting read. Check this out……….you may just be surprised at some of the data they have gathered. …continue