Home Loans are Getting Easier to Obtain

The easy credit that crashed our market in 2006 led to new industry lending standards and regulations that just about put a choke hold on home mortgages. Cheap Nike shoes The new guidelines for lending actually hurt the economy and stalled its recovery. It got to one point that you needed to prove you did not need the loan to get the money to buy a home! Some of that has changed. There is a lot more flexibility in the mortgage market than there was just 2 short years ago. new balance grigie bambino In fact, if you were denied a year ago, it might just be a good time to see if you qualify now. Soldes Asics 2017 The pendulum has swung back to a more normal position with “prudent” lending and “cautious” steps forward.

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Your Credit Score——Bet You Don’t know This!

Most of us on the planet understand the importance of knowing your credit score and the improtance of keeping it high. But there are some interseting facts about how your score is computed…….none of the big 3 companies like Experian, Equifax, and Transunion calculate it quite the same way. Most of us know that credit scores range from 300 – 850. The score can quantify an individual’s ability to repay a loan. Reggie Jackson Baseball Jersey Mortgage lenders, credit card and insurance companies, even your potential employer can use your credit score in their hiring decisions. Asics Pas Cher

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Cape Coral High Schools receive “A” Grade for excellence!!

Excited People

Do you have kids getting ready for high school? Are you looking at relocation destinations in Florida? Is school quality important in your move decision? See how the state of Florida ranked Cape Coral schools………….this is an important read!! …continue

Who is Moving to SW Florida in 2014?

For decades, Midwesterners fueled Southwest Florida’s long running boom of population growth. The numbers here from Michigan…Illinois…Indiana…Ohio…Wisconsin… New Balance 996 męskie as their former addresses was staggering. But in 2013, the more affluent Northeast has supplanted them as the main source of new residents in Lee county. nike pas cher Now……….“New York” is even spoken here. …continue

Self Employed……..Can I still get a Mortgage?

I saw this report among the many I read weekly and thought it addressed an important topic. Here in SW Florida, we have a tremendous number of folks that are self employed in the service industries, such as pool service…lawn care…home health care…etc. nike air max Home buying can be challenging for these buyers, and especially for those who count on cash tips as part of their income like a barber…bar tender…waitress…etc. I decided to copy this and post it as it reads for your review……… …continue