Best Target Range in SW Florida—-Safe Outdoor Shooting!

If your into sport shooting then Cecil M. Web is the very best in SW Florida for rifles, pistols, and shotguns. This outdoor range was built with public funds through the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation’s “Hunter Safety” Program. It is intended for student training who are enrolled in their program as well as general public target shooters at all skill levels. The general public is welcome to use the facility which is monitored and supervised by the Florida Fish and Wildlife officers. The range is open during daylight hours only. …continue

Cape Coral Golf Course has 25th Anniversary

The premier city owned public Coal Oaks golf course has just turned 25 years old and still very much a desired attraction for golfers. Coral Oaks is an 18 hole,  Arthur Hills designed championship course that was built within a century old oak hammock. The course itself boasts large greens, contoured fairways, and rich natural surroundings. There are 8 lakes and 37 bunkers on the course…..making it entertaining as well as challenging for golfers of all skill levels.

To celebrate its 25th Anniversary, the course is offering a 4 month package of unheard of pricing. …continue

Cape Coral Leads County in increased Property Values

Just released is the the much awaited report on growth here in our Lee County. Everyone has been holding their breath on this one, and the news was just posted today.

 For the second straight year, Cape Coral has led Lee County for increases in its property values, after 6 years of negative growth during the years of  2006-2011. …continue

Their deep green colors add a lot of panache to everyday meals

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Travel is not included unless specifically stated. Winner is responsible for all applicable federal, state, and local income and any other taxes, fees and surcharges. An IRS Form 1099 will be issued for all prizes with a retail value in excess of $600.

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New Construction—–On the Upswing in Lee County, Fl.

Just posted on June 6th is the much anticipated news about our local construction industry. For many month’s now we have seen a small but steady upswing in the number of single family home permits being pulled by builders in our Lee County.

Here is the best news yet! …continue