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Community Marketing, which issues an Annual LGBT Travel Survey each fall, has never received enough responses from transgender travelers to track the market, said senior projects manager David Paisley. “It’s not that we’ve had absolutely no response, but it’s been a small number,” he said. “I think this year, we’ll have the first significant number of such responses to make a comparison.”.

But more importantly, these phones are also fairly quick to be updated with latest software. Moto phones in general are relatively quick to get software updates as opposed to say Xiaomi, a company that has to wait for Google to give the code to it so it can re work on it and then pass on the update to users. It comes with 16GB of internal memory which is further expandable by up to 32GB via a microSD card slot.

TORONTO, Jan. 13, 2015 /CNW/ Canada Goose, a leader in outdoor luxury apparel, today announced its expansion with the acquisition of the assets of Grand Harbour Clothing Inc., based in Scarborough, Ontario. With the acquisition of the 45,000 square foot facility which marks the second manufacturing campus for the company in the Greater Toronto Area Canada Goose immediately gains 70 employees and expects to increase efficiency by 25 per cent..

During her farming days, Laurena was a strong supporter of the local 4H Club, and she shared the important values of this program with her own children as well as others in the community. On the family farm many hours were spent tending the garden, processing and canning vegetables, and picking berries for preserving. Laurena always had an interest in and an appreciation of life in the outdoors.

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There was a palpable sense of miscommunication coming from the festival and its volunteers, which caused a lot of confusion amongst fans who simply didn’t know where the hell they needed to go to see a specific band. Almost none of the set times, at any of the venues, started on time, according to Oaktopia’s handy dandy informational flyers. And in some cases, the acts didn’t start for well over a hour after their scheduled time, some started earlier than planned and some artists didn’t even play for their full set..

Selling “Tips” in a Rising Price Market

It’s been many years since we have seen a situation where prices are rising on homes, but it seems to be a consistent month to month trend in our area.  While the monthly improvement in home values has been small, its encouraging for our market.

The homes entering the market below $70,000 in list price are pretty much gone……nothing fits into that category any more.  Last years homes in the $80,000 range are now the new $90,000 homes. Last years average sale price of a home was $152,000 its now $167,000 and rising.

Here are a few Tips for sellers in this new kind of market: …continue

New Construction—-How to pick the Right Builder

With the current inventory levels of resale homes at an all time low in MLS, there becomes a strong need for new construction product to enter the market. Currently there are about 1500 homes in the Cape Coral market and around 3500 in the Fort Myers market. These are the lowest number we have seen in years. Beside the low inventory, property conditions of these homes is not always what a picky buyer is willing to settle for in their purchase.

When considering building your “Dream” home, you need  to know the questions and criteria to ask when select a  builder, in your target price range.

 Here are the key steps:

1] Model Homes & Design Centers. 

Here is where the search begins. Get out and visit the model homes and especially the new trend of Design Centers that are cropping up. The model homes are a great place to get ideas and a place to start on your wish list of things you want in your future “Dream” home. You will need to carry a wire bound notebook for jotting down notes and ideas….dont rely simply on the builders literature. You will meet the builders sales people in the models, and probably not meet the actual builder till your fairly certain of your direction. The Design Centers are specifically for options and features. They offer a variety of flooring….cabinets…faucets…colors…counter tops…etc. for your note book.  Most of the custom builders offer Design Centers, since they know the importance of offering options and upgrades. …continue

Investor Tips in a Rising Price Market

When prices are going down in a market, savvy investor’s will always halt, pause and wait till there is certainty that the market has bottomed out. Cautious investors always follow this model when spending for profit.

Equally important is to use proper timing when the market shifts to prices going up.  A very different set of criterial comes into play for investors trying to find good deals in that kind of a market.


I cant say enough about timing in a market where prices and values are on the rise. For the last several month’s we have had slow, but steady improvement in home and land value’s. Each month has shown improvements without any dips along the way. We look for that trend to continue well into 2013 and beyond. So with that trend line now about 11 month’s long, it is important that an investor realize more about timing. …continue