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Players will lose in transfer roulette

Players wield so much power nowadays that it should come as no surprise to find a number earning more from their clubs than their team managers.

When Coventry’s chairman, Bryan Richardson, and I were looking through the highest wage-earners at Highfield Road last season, we found that I was as low as sixteenth on the list.

We joked that I should count myself lucky, on the grounds that at least I was higher in the table than Bryan.

I have become used to this at Coventry. When I was player-manager, and taking part in matches at the age of 39 or 40, it was a source of amusement to me (if ‘amusement’ is the right word) that members of my squad were able to pick up more than me even when they were watching a match from the stands.

However, managers like me will not be in this situation if and when European football is forced by the EU to scrap transfer fees. Then, instead of managers being the poor relations, it will best canada goose jacket reddit be the players. It has been argued that the end of the transfer system as we know it can only mean more money in the already full pockets of players. I beg to differ and, like Crystal Palace’s manager Alan Smith in his column last week, I think that the vision of players laughing all the way to the bank – even more heartily than many of them might do already – is very misleading.

For me, the reality behind the principle of players being treated like any other workers under EU laws – being able to end their contracts whenever they wish to do so, and without transfer fees involved – is that the players will generally suffer as much as the clubs.

The players at the top level – the stars at places such as Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal – will get richer. In terms of funding players’ salaries, transfer market income is comparatively unimportant to clubs of that financial stature because of the money they rake in from gate receipts, TV, corporate hospitality and merchandising.

It is a different story at most of the other clubs in England. To varying degrees, they all rely on the money they can make in the transfer market to keep their heads above water. Coventry are as good an example as any. I hate to think what position we would have been in today but for the £7 million profit we made through selling Robbie Keane to Inter Milan for £13 million. Had Keane not been sold, major cuts would have had to be made.

There seems little doubt that the inability of clubs to indulge in the transfer-market wheeling and dealing, which has been an integral part of the culture of the professional game, will result in the vast majority of players having to settle for much less money than they are getting now. It will surely hasten the move of the top clubs into a European super league, and widen the already massive gap between them and the rest of the professional football cast in England.

I think there is a lot to be said for some measure of sanity being restored to English football with regards to players’ salaries. A lot of clubs are already spending more in this department than they can afford, so it can be argued that any legislation that might have the effect of bringing wages down to a more realistic level should be applauded.

However, canada goose coat 1000 bulbs lamps I find it very difficult to look upon the EU’s position as being good for European football. Of course, nothing has yet been decided, and until it is and we have everything down in black and white we can only make an educated guess at the final outcome. The initial interpretations of how it could all end up are, however, disconcerting to say the least.

For example, one argument is that if players are able to break their ties with a club more easily, it will also canada goose coat 1000 calorie a day diet be easier for clubs to black friday 2013 canada goose sale get rid of them. I can envisage a situation whereby clubs click over here, in order to cut wage costs during the summer, would keep paying their best players but lay off the others with the view benefits of canada goose jacket of re-hiring them – at a lower price – before the start of the new season.

Anyone who has been out of work for two or three months will appreciate how easy it can be to accept almost any offer buy canada goose jacket australia to get back. There are a lot of cases of clubs being forced to honour the contracts of players they do not want, cases of players who – because of the money they are on – are quite happy to stay put even if it means not being in the first-team squad.

These days, one has to have a very good reason for releasing players, and even then, the decision can take you into a legal minefield. About 18 months ago, the 30 schoolboy players we released from our School of Excellence included an Asian lad. As with the others, we did not think he was of the required standard – it was as simple as that. But, amazingly, we have found ourselves being taken to court for racial discrimination. And I am particularly concerned about the danger of managers and players best canada goose jacket review becoming impetuous.

If players run into problems with their clubs, I am not sure that they will be as prepared to tackle and overcome them as they might have been before. As for the managers, the best way buy canada goose coat online I can sum it up is to say that when Coventry are beaten, and have not played well, my first canada goose coat 1000 bulbs promo reaction is to get rid of six players. I think we all feel that way initially – but by Monday morning, the hitlist has been reduced to three and by the following Friday, there is nobody on it at all and you are friends with everyone again. If getting rid of players was made easier for me, I am not sure that this would be the case.

I leave canada goose coat – victoria it to you to decide whether the players most at risk would be those earning more money than me.

Foreign Investors…..Great News for the Real Estate Market!

VISIT-USA  Act  [S.1746]

This recently enacted piece of legislation will boost sales by foreign investors looking for real estate in the U.S.

In another effort on the part of legislators to jump-start the sputtering U.S. economy, Visa laws have changed to try and improve tourism and the dollars it brings in, and to help move more unsold homes.

How are they doing this…..By offering a renewable 3 year “homeowners visa”. …continue

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Investors–SW Florida Economy To Recover Faster than others!

Florida map

Economists say the real estate market offers stability and opportunity in 2013.

There are several key factors why Florida is slated to be one of the best real estate markets in the country for 2013. The monthly “Florida Realtor” magazine sites several reasons and add that its still not to late to invest in Florida real estate,despite our hitting the bottom and appear to be recovering . Here are the key elements that are included:


Florida, Nevada, and California were the 3 states to hit the bottom before any other market in the U.S.

 Parts of Florida actually ranked within the top 5 worst markets in the entire country. Cities like Cape Coral made the #2 spot and held it for well over a year. Miami followed in #5 position. Because of the devasting free fall, properties in these areas in particular, became under-valued as prices fell faster and markets weakened. It was not till October 2011, that the trend started to reverse itself and prices leveled and started to creep upward once again. Every single month in 2012 showed consistent, [ but slow]  upward movement in property values. Despite perhaps missing the actual bottom, there still is time to find good deals in the market. Timing is critical! …continue