Check List For Your Moving Day

The home buying and selling actual moving day is usually an ordeal and a challenge at best. No matter which side of the fence your on [buyer or seller] there are challenges to a successful move when the day finally comes. A little preparedness helps avoid disasters. Over the years I have developed a few tips that will help.

WHERE WILL THE MOVING VAN PARK?  On the surface it may seem like a silly question but can be serious issue. You assume if you have a driveway it will be no problem. What if it’s an 18 wheel semi tractor-trailer that shows up on moving day? What if you have on street parking, where will it park, if other cars are parked there?  What if it has to park a distance away and it rains on move day? Make sure that the salesman  handling  the paperwork, also covers this important issue with you. …continue

Great News For Cape Coral On a Variety Of Topic’s!!

PROPERTY VALUES  They are up over 2011!!  Cape Coral taxable values rose by an estimated 3.53%…….the first increase in 6 long years. The estimated total value of property in Cape Coral was $8.9 billion, up from $302 million from a year ago.  These figures were put together by the Lee County Property Appraiser’s office just last week.  A properties taxable value and taxes are calculated annually based on the sales from the previous calendar year. This trend line is a very positive note and reverses the falling values since 2006. The actual worst year was 2009 when values plummeted by 33%. The final budget is being developed and property owners will get their tax bill sometime in August. Great news for a cash starved Cape Coral.

CRIME IS  DOWN  Violent as well as non-violent crimes reported in the Cape was down overall for the first 6 month’s of 2012. The Police Dept. is reporting that violent crime decreased 21% compared to the same time last year. There were 129 violent crimes  last year same time compared to 99 this year. Non-violent crimes [property crimes] also declined by 10% with 194 less incidences reported. On the negative side there were 59  vehicle thefts reported this year versus only 48 for the same time last year. Police chief  Jay Murphy stated that the dept. has a great team of “first on scene” officers….”special operations units”….and “crime analysts” who all work tirelessly to be pro-active in the community. Jay goes on to say that citizen callers also have made an impact on the Police Depts. quick action against crime attitude. Its another indicator that our area will be a destination city once again as a low crime rate tends to bring.  …continue

Yet while the exterior of the 5 Series is fairly conventional

beach town wary of new reality show

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Then enters a white retiree named Dick

Desk agents at the airport are wearing parkas because of the lack of heat and baggage carousels are out of service.The St. John’s airport is without heat and full electricity and is operating on backup power. (Peter Cowan/CBC)Some traffic lights throughout the St.

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84wd3iOd canada goose lodge down hooded jacket – men’s

cheap canada goose We yell at the Chinese for manipulating their currency while the G7 manipulates currencies and gold markets. We pretend to be outraged by insider trading while secretly knowing that all trade by the top guys in business are insider trading from the get go. All the blame for overspending is placed on the sick, the lame, the weak, on the elderly and children.

Before “true” labor begins, you may have “false” labor pains, also known as Braxton Hicks contractions. These irregular uterine contractions are perfectly normal and may start to occur in your second trimester, although more commonly in your third trimester of pregnancy. They are your body’s way of getting ready for the “real thing.”.

The coat and hood are insulated with O’Neill’s Firewall technology that promises to keep you warm in the coldest conditions. The Jewel girl’s ski jacket comes in many different colours and looks great with any pair of ski pants. Multiple pockets give you plenty of room to store your phone, an extra pair of gloves and even a snack for the lift..

A 30 minute dose of “Leave Your Sleep” material would’ve been more than sufficient. Twenty minutes, perhaps, would’ve been ideal. As it stood, the crowd grew noticeably less interested in those songs as the night progressed. I drive back to Main Street, passing a few joggers. On St. Patrick Day.

The Cook County Medical Examiner Office has ruled the death a homicide but has not released the name of the deceased, citing the need first to contact next of kin. The Customer Service and Planning Committee recommended awarding the environmental impact study project to two engineering. No one has disputed that Juan Guajardo fatally stabbed Manuel Alaniz outside the residence the two shared..

Reinvestment of the capital gains into another residential property provides exemption from paying capital gain tax. It has been held for over three years. The reinvestment has to be done within two years of sale (in case the new property is being constructed, the time limit is increased to three years).

Redbacks 2 d Cavaliers Black 0. Goals Redbacks: B. Brody, Z. A: It seems to behave much like mild to moderate seasonal flu for most people. But it can be very severe and deadly for some people. What’s different about this flu is that it affects younger people disproportionately.

Google is also adding new Wi Fi features like Wi Fi Aware, which was previously known Neighbour Awareness Networking (NAN). This allows apps and nearby devices to discover and communicate over Wi Fi without requiring an Internet access point. According to Google, this should ensure “more reliable, predictable model for “arrow” and “tab” navigation that aids both developers and end users.”Google is enhancing WebView which will now enable multiprocess mode by default and a new API which allows apps to better handle errors and crashes.